Cleaning up after the holidays

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We’re still waiting for the 2.6.24 release, which seems likely to come out near the end of the month - just before While waiting, I’ve gone through and made a large number of small updates throughout the forecast pages. The development kernel is at 2.6.24-rc8 - probably the last -rc for 2.6.24. I’ve tweaked other version numbers where appropriate, added links to stories, etc.

I also cleaned up a substantial number of rather embarrassing typos. I’m really not illiterate, honest.

Finally, the filesystems page has seen a number of updates, reflecting the large amount of work happening in that area currently. Btrfs is coming along quickly. I’ve added a new entry for unionfs, which has returned from relative obscurity with a big push for inclusion into 2.6.25.

Finally finally, I added a paragraph incorporating some of my statistics to the 2.6.24 discussion. This has been a record-breaking development cycle in a number of ways; even watching it as closely as I do, I find myself wondering how it all actually works sometimes.