Linux Foundation January Newsletter

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Linux Foundation January 2008 Newsletter

  • One year anniversary of the LF
  • LF Collaboration Summit April 2008 in Austin: Registration Open
  • New Podcast Launch – Interview with Linus
  • Media Coverage on the LF: Financial Times and NY Times
  • Welcome Ted Ts’o to the LF
  • China Developer Symposium

Happy New Year from the Linux Foundation! It’s been an exciting and busy
first year for the organization. In the last year we focused on
promoting, protecting and standardizing the Linux platform. We’ve seen
Linux continue to expand with growth in the server, desktop and mobile

The Foundation was established in order to ensure the continued growth
and protection of the Linux platform. In addition to being the home of
Linus Torvalds, we are host to key standards for Linux that enable the
ecosystem to interoperate and grow. We offer a neutral forum where
vendors and community members can collaborate on technical projects to
make Linux stronger. Finally, we offer leadership in legal issues that
affect the platform through our member-only legal meetings and advisory

Highlights of the Linux Foundation’s first year include:
* We provided a neutral forum for meaningful technical work on the
Linux platform, including results in accessibility, standardization,
printing, drivers, desktop and other areas
* The first Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit was held where 250
of the leaders of the development, vendor and end user communities came
together to improve the Linux platform
* We were tested by competitive FUD from Microsoft on legal issues and
responded with hundreds of news articles, including a by-lined op-ed
piece in BusinessWeek which was widely quoted from and re-printed in
magazines worldwide
* The Foundation established itself as the neutral spokesperson for
the platform, ensuring Linux’s voice is heard in business, trade and
online media communities and with analysts
* We responded to a rise in legal issues raised about Linux by
coordinating member legal resources in the first Linux Foundation Legal
* The LF educated the public about Linux kernel developments through
our partnership with Jon Corbet and the launch of the Linux Weather
* We encouraged the growth of the Linux development community via
educational programs in other countries, including Japan and China
* We assisted development by implementing an NDA program so that Linux
developers can gain access to proprietary specifications needed for
device support
* We continued to provide a safe haven and programs for open source
developers by sponsoring fellowships (including Linus Torvalds) and
established a developer travel fund

We are excited to begin work on another fruitful year and look forward
to working with each of you to foster the growth of Linux.

In 2008 we hope to have an even greater impact on Linux by accelerating
the development of the Linux Standard Base so that ISV’s will be able to
target Linux easily. We plan on kicking off a Linux Developer Network
that will be a focal point for ISV’s to find information about writing
applications on Linux. We are also excited about the expansion of our
exclusive events. This year we will be hosting two Collaboration
Summits, the Linux Kernel Summit, our Legal Summit, and others. These
are exclusive events enabling the key players in Linux to get together
to network, share ideas, and break through problems that face the
platform. Finally, we are committed to providing our members with
timely information about Linux, whether that is through weather
forecasts or reports on issues like device drivers or competitive FUD.

The Foundation belongs to all of our members, so please let us know how
you would like to join with us to make this year the most successful,
for the LF and most importantly for the Linux platform.

 LF Collaboration Summit April 2008 in Austin

The second LF CollabSummit will be held in Austin on April 8 – 10,
hosted by IBM at the University of Texas Super Computing center. The
first LF Summit garnered worldwide press attention with its gathering of
the brightest minds in Linux. Unlike other conferences, this is the only
place where end users, distributions, vendors, ISVs and kernel
developers come together to solve problems facing Linux. Last year, the
summit was oversold so please register right away:

We expect engaging content spanning desktop, mobile, enterprise server
and general Linux communities.

LF Podcast Open Voices Launches with Conversation with Linus

This month we launched a new information source for the Linux platform.
The Open Voices podcast features conversations between Executive
Director Jim Zemlin and open source luminaries. The first installment is
a thought provoking dialog between Jim and Linus. You can listen to
the file or read the transcript here:
Future installments will feature Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth,
Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian, Marten Mickos, CEO of MySQL and Mitchell
Baker, Chairman of the Mozilla Foundation. We encourage all LF members
to subscribe to the feed of this offering.

Linux Foundation in the News 

One of the roles of the LF is to serve as a neutral spokesperson for
Linux. We take pains to ensure Linux is represented in articles and work
hard to promote the platform. In the last few months, we’ve received
hundreds upon hundreds of press mentions. Here’s a sample:

The Financial Times did a great interview with Jim Zemlin.

The New York Times declared “The Next Leap for Linux”, a truly amazing
endorsement of Linux on the desktop. LF staff worked with the author for
many days to get him the support he needed to write a compelling article.

 Welcome Ted Ts’o to the LF

The LF is lucky enough to welcome kernel developer Ted Ts’o to the
management team as Chief Platform Strategist. Ted is one of the most
highly regarded members of the Linux and open source community and will
contribute his leadership experience working with a broad set of Linux
technologies to the LF’s technical efforts, including the Linux Standard
Base (LSB).Ted will be on loan to the LF for the next two years from
IBM. We are extremely pleased to welcome Ted to the team.

China Developer Symposium with Andrew Morton 

Next month, the LF is jointly hosting the Linux China Developer
Symposium in Beijing. The conference will feature kernel developers
Andrew Morton, Jon Corbet, Matt Mackall, Coli Li and more. This
conference will bring the leaders of the kernel development community to
China to educate and collaborate with Chinese developers. The goal is
increased participation in the Linux development process. You can learn
more about the event and other regional activities on our new events web