Ah, yes, user space

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The weather forecast pages are quite kernel centric - that’s the area I know best. There is a user-space page, though, featuring a few important components. Many of those have been revised in recent times:

  • The long-awaited KDE 4.0 release happened in January. This major update of KDE is not quite ready for prime time yet, but it is getting there and the indications are that it’s going to be great.
  • GNOME 2.22 just came out. This is a more incremental release, but it still features a lot of interesting new stuff.

  • GCC 4.3.0 also just came out. Lots of improvements, but also an ABI change which could cause applications to experience weird crashes on older kernels.

I do still plan to expand this page someday. Meanwhile, those who are interested in the lower levels of user space may want to keep an eye on the first Linux Plumbers Conference, happening this September in Portland, Oregon.