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Negroponte: OLPC Machine Will Be $50 in 2011, Electronics Are “Obese” | Wired Science from
If nothing else, the OLPC has produced the know how to bring computers into the hands of many. New low cost PC’s are going to be flooding into the market having learned lessons from the OLPC design.
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  • Linux Laptops Reach Critical Mass | The VAR Guy
    “Simply put, CloudBook’s arrival is a defining moment — a critical milestone — for Linux on desktops and laptops.”
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  • Linux will dominate UK schools within 5 years
    “Convergence technologies based on Linux are now everywhere - smart phones, set-top boxes, PDAs, satellite navigators, digital photo frames. Any concerns that such devices would be unacceptable to users because they don’t run Windows are unfounded.”
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  • MadRhetoric: Fedora on the Final Frontier
    Every day people use Linux in dozens of ways. Google search, trade a stock on the NYSE, checking your bank balance, buying a book on Amazon, making a call on a Motorola cell phone, recording a show on Tivo. You can’t escape using Linux even if you go to
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  • The Adoption-Led Market [on Simon Phipps, SunMink]
    Nice post by Simon on the changes to the way software is distributed. His adoption lead market concept can be expended to include concepts of brand, ease of participation, projects reaching critical mass, etc.
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  • Linux is Truly Everywhere | OStatic
    A person in the modern world is likely to use Linux in some way every single day.
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  • Wal-Mart dumps Linux. Much ado about…Microsoft | The Open Road - The Business and Politics of Open Source by Matt Asay - CNET Blogs
    Find out what really happened here at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in Austin Texas April 8th. The CEO of gOS and the lead from Everex, the guys who made that computer, will be on hand.
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