Why Are Open Source Systems Management Solutions Springing up Everywhere?

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Within the past few weeks we have seen a announcements from every major commercial Linux provider about a systems management initiative. Yesterday Canonical announced Landscape, their systems management and monitoring tool for Ubuntu. Red Hat and Hyperic announced RHQ, an open-source project for developing a core set of IT infrastructure management capabilities. Finally Novell announced the acquisition of Platespin, a company that developed a virtualization management suite.

Why are these companies making announcements now? Think of it this way. Every major technology market expansion begets a management after market. Think about it – Cisco begets a BMC, Tivoli, Open View and more to manage the growing network. Storage growth begets Veritas et. Al. As more and more organizations deploy open source and Linux there is a growing need for management tools that fit the unique needs of those platforms.

Software that is easy to manage, enables better utilization rates, runs on almost every hardware architecture on the planet and can handle almost any workload is irresistible to consumers of technology. Linux is the only game in town that fits that bill. I suspect we’ll hear a lot more from Linux in terms of innovative management solutions as more and more customers deploy these solutions.