Why the Linux Plumbers Conference is So Cool

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The term “community” is getting more sophisticated every day. The world of open source and Linux development is a mix of full time corporate developers, volunteer hackers, non-profit .orgs, standards bodies, and more. Together these entities need to work together to create the “plumbing of Linux”

According to the Plumbers web site, Jonathan Corbet calls this the “kernel ecosystem”. They call it “plumbing” which is is a collection of essential interfaces and services that are provided by the libraries, kernel, and utilities that make up a Linux system. Currently if a problem exists that involves kernel and user space, a developer must attend three different conferences in order to have the face-to-face contact with various stakeholders that is necessary to find a solution.

The Linux Plumbers Conference was created to provide a forum for communication and problem- solving for issues, which are system-wide and cross project boundaries. This community event includes both invited guests as well as open registration, gathering 300 stakeholders, decision makers and developers.

Better cross project collaboration is something that is critical to sustain and enhance the community development process that makes up the platform. This conference is just what is needed to up the “open” world’s game and bring more people and organizations to join the development party.