Get answers to all your Linux questions direct from the source.

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Next week the leaders of the Linux industry gather in Austin Texas for a meeting of the minds. The Linux Foundation has set up an invitational event where the folks who work directly on the business and technical issues facing the platform can get together and share ideas. We’ll find out about these questions and more:

What are the technology trends and the economics driving the Linux desktop in new low cost PC’s? Find out directly from Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Shuttle, Everex, Intel, TI, AMD, and more.

What is the “M” commitment to the “L” in LAMP after the Sun acquisition of MySQL? Find out from the Marten Mikos himself.

When am I going to get my hands on a Linux phone? Find out from Google’s OHA, the LiMo Foundation, OpenMoko, and others. This is the first time Google and the LiMo foundation are sharing a stage and should be an interesting talk on where they see common ground in Linux.

Where is Red Hat Linux headed?
Find out from the CTO of Red Hat Brian Stephens.

What is IBM’s Linux strategy? Meet Dan Frye, head of IBM’s Linux Technology Center, Inna Kuznetsova, Director of IBM Linux Strategy, Jeff Smith, Vice President IBM Software group.

What is FOSSBazaar?
Find out about a new community site dedicated to open source legal and governance issues. This Linux Foundation workgroup will be meeting in Austin.

What is a “Mobile Internet Device” and how is it running Linux?
Meet the folks from Intel’s Moblin effort, Nokia, and more.
It’s been over a year since Oracle announced Unbreakable Linux. How is it going? Find out from Wim Coekertz- who runs the Linux show at Oracle.

What is all this about Linux and Cloud Computing? Meet companies running their business on Linux in the Amazon Cloud, talk to the architects behind IBM’s Blue Cloud, and more.

How can I support my companies’ device on Linux? Get hardware to the right developers, find out how to sign an NDA through the Linux Foundation, understand device driver backporting processes, gain insight into the economic advantage of supporting your device in the public kernel.

How do I partner with a Linux distribution vendor? Talk to reps from Red Hat, Novell, Ubuntu, Xandros, Asianux, Linspire, Red Flag, Miracle Linux and more.

I am looking forward to a good week.