#LF Summit: VIA Technologies Opens Up

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Earlier this week at the first day of the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, VIA Technologies, a supplier of chipsets and x86 processors, announced they will be opening up their specifications and code to help open source developers support their components. This is significant news for Linux developers and most importantly Linux users who will see better support for the multitude of VIA components within PCs and mini-tops.

Or as SVN says:

VIA Technologies, although very popular with Linux ultramobile PC vendors, has never been very open about its own hardware. Until April 8, when, at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit at the University of Texas Super Computing Center here, the company announced that it will start opening up its chip sets to the open-source community.

The company also plans to adhere to a regular quarterly release schedule that is more aligned with Linux kernel changes and distribution releases. The announcement also talked about beta releases access and bug report and tracking for Linux devleopers.

The proof will be in the concrete results of this program, but the intention is wonderful. Kernel devleopers like Greg KH and his linuxdriverproject.org have been clamoring for this type of openness from VIA for a long time. Because of the reach of their components this will have a direct effect for many many users of PCs, especially the new ultra mobiles or mini-tops that are being dominated by Linux.

Users should reward companies who make these moves and not buy components from manufacturers who are not open. I am proud they chose our Summit to make the announcement. We designed the Summit to enhance collaboration and understanding between the Linux community and the industry that surrounds it. This type of collaboration results in real changes like VIA that will impact the entire Linux industry. So far so good.