2.6.26: almost there

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I fell a little behind on the weather forecast pages, sorry for that. I plead that I was vacationing with the in-laws and would have gotten into serious trouble had I gone too near a keyboard. Anyway, things are caught up now.

The current prepatch is 2.6.26-rc8; when he posted it, Linus said that it might just be the last one. Given that this development cycle is smaller (in terms of the amount of code merged), I had thought that it would come together a little quicker; thus the “late June” prediction which had appeared on the forecast pages. Well, it’s late June, and we’re not there yet. More worryingly, the length of the regression list is about the same as it has been for the last month or so. My guess is that there will be an -rc9 before it’s all done, but I’ve been wrong before.

I added a few entries to the pages while I was there. HP donated AdvFS, which is a welcome body of code even if it will never be shipped in the mainline kernel in anything close to its current form. The GEM memory manager is interesting: it looks like it will displace TTM as the presumptive memory management code for 3D graphical processing units. That’s a classic example of how the kernel development process can work: TTM embodies a great deal of work, but that work can be quickly pushed aside if somebody comes up with a better way to get things done. This can be hard on individual developers, but it’s good for the resulting kernel. Finally, I couldn’t resist putting in a thing about the BKL-removal work, which is a project I’ve somehow gotten pulled into.

Look for more change once the 2.6.27 merge window opens. I’ll be cleaning out a bunch of older stuff then as well.