According to Intuit, Linux is the Future

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Intuit has joined in promoting Linux with their new Linux Business Resource web site. Intuit has clearly caught on to something we have known for some time. According to their web site:

“Like most IT managers, you face a choice when it comes to operating systems. Not long ago, you might have turned to Windows, Solaris or UNIX, but now Linux has your undivided attention. Why is Linux—an open source operating system—seeing such rapid adoption and growth? More importantly, why should you consider it for your own growing business? Compared to other platforms, Linux offers:

* Maximum flexibility
* Lower costs
* Tight security
* Powerful performance
* Ongoing innovation

In organizations large and small, Linux is becoming the clear choice for enterprise computing.”

It is great to see a big application vendor like Intuit endorsing Linux, but what about getting Intuit’s Quickbooks Online off of that ActiveX lock-in that requires people to use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer? Well it turns out they are fixing that too. According Thai Bui the QuickBooks Online Product Development Leader:

“We are actively working on making our product compatible with other browsers (including Safari). We have a large product that currently uses ActiveX and was initially tuned to work with Internet Explorer. Therefore, it will require a large amount of work and will take some time on our part to accomplish.
Additionally, we too would like to use Firefox. We are in this with you; we just need some time to make it all happen.”
Now all we need is a desktop Linux version of Quicken and Intuit will have achieved a Linux hat trick.