Linux Foundation End User Collaboration Summit, Oct 13-14, NYC

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The Linux Foundation will be hosting our first ever End User Collaboration Summit this October in New York.

This forum is designed for sophisticated users of Linux who will be able share best practices about how they are using Linux and speak directly with the core developers of the Linux platform.

A big part of our mission is “translating” Linux. It doesn’t get any more direct than connecting key Linux developers and end users. This event provides an opportunity to actually see how technology is developed today by some really talented and dedicated people.

In addition to panel discussions, Open Spaces sessions, and End User Lightning Talks — among others — the two keynotes are from Anthony Williams, author of “Wikinomics, How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything,” and Jon Corbet, Editor of Linux Weekly News. We will also hear from Ron Hovsepian, the CEO of Novell and Paul Cormier, the President of Red Hat.

It’s by invitation, but registration is free, in keeping with the idea of having it open to end users. You can request an invitation by filling out the form here.

I can guarantee it’ll be a fascinating and extremely useful two days. We look forward to seeing you.