LinuxWorld Conversations Start Tomorrow

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LinuxWorld kicks off tomorrow in San Francisco. In many ways, it has a real “State of the Union” feel to it, being one of the oldest shows devoted exclusively to Linux technologies and business trends.

As Linux markets grow and innovate, so does LinuxWorld. One new area this year is the Mobile Linux Conference, an indication of the growing strength of open source on mobile platforms. It’s good to see LinuxWorld covering “the third screen” of Linux. Between Android and Symbian and even how iPhone’s closed platform is opening slightly, the influence of open source on mobile technologies is already readily apparent.

The Linux Foundation is participating directly with several different events.

– On Tuesday, August 5th, I’m giving an Enterprise Open Source Presentation at 3:30pm as part of the Executive Summit.
– On Wednesday morning I am speaking at a Breakfast briefing on Mobile hosted by Nokia. Sorry folks - invite only.
– Also on Wednesday, August 6th, I’m moderating a panel on Mass Collaboration and Linux: How achievements in server, mobile and desktop help each and every Linux user. This panel includes experts James Bottomley, a key Linux kernel sub-system maintainer and also, incidentally, chair of the Linux Foundation’s Technical Advisory Board; Christy Wyatt, Vice President, Ecosystem and Market Development for Motorola’s Mobile Devices business; and David Liu, Founder, gOS. If you have a chance to show up and participate, I’d like to hear your opinions, either during the panel or after.

Also, everyone knows that the best networking happens outside of the official sessions. The Linux Foundation will be hosting a VIP party in the evening on Wednesday the 6th. For an invitation to the event go to the booth or track down one of the Linux Foundation staff or myself. We already have a full house, but could be talked in to letting a few more of our open source friends in for the party.