Swedish Television Rumored to Expose Microsoft’s Mojave Campaign.

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While everyone is talking about the fact that Jerry Sienfled has signed up to pitch Microsoft Vista it is worth noting another ad campaign that Microsoft launched last week entitled the “Mojave Experiment.” This type of advertising goes back ages and is generally used to show people that they will actually like something that they thought they disliked. In other words Microsoft feels that Vista has a bad rap due to a lot of “FUD” in the market about Vista’s poor performance, lack of security, difficulty to use, etc.

Hmmm… That sounds strangely familiar. No wonder, according to Microsoft, only 1% of the respondents were Linux users.

This is hardly a new concept in advertising. Just this year we have already seen two campaigns from companies with products in a similar situation to Microsoft Vista. Pizza Hut launched their “Tuscani Pasta Campaign” with hidden cameras at an upscale restaurant which reveals to surprised diners at the end of the evening that they are eating pasta delivered from Pizza Hut. Hardees also ran a similar “Fake Restaurant” campaign this year where a shocked diner finds out at the end of the meal he has just been served a Hardees Black Angus Burger at what he thought was an upscale restaurant. It turns out Vista has a lot in common with bad fast food.

However, the most famous campaign like the “Mojave Experiment” is the Foldgers Crystals series of ads that have ran for years. Once again it is revealed to diners at the end of a meal that they have been drinking Foldger’s crystals rather than the gourmet fresh brewed coffee they thought they were drinking. “Rich”, “Robust”, “I am amazed” chime surprised diners.

There is a dark side to this type of advertising and it took a bold Swedish television station to expose this genre of ads for what they really are; a series of carefully edited clips that only show the most positive reactions. This video reveals the truth around this form promotion.

Perhaps Microsoft should cancel their contract with Jerry Seinfeld and instead bring back “Madge.” I think lot users who are exposed to Vista would be not be surprised to hear the words, “you are soaking in it.”