Jon Corbet, Shadow Warrior?

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Next week, our Linux Foundation Japan office hosts the Linux Foundation Japan Symposium, an event that was started to bring leading Linux luminaries to present and interact with local senior software developers, with the goal of increasing open source participation by talented Japanese developers. The result of these events is the widening of a global Linux community, which benefits everyone.

In this Symposium, James Bottomley, Ric Wheeler, Ted Ts’o, Mr Kamezawa and Jon Corbet will be speaking and collaborating with local engineers from NEC, Fujitsu, Hitachi and other companies.

As preparation for these meetings we ask attendees to send questions ahead of time to help the speakers create appropriate presentations. One such question directed at Jon Corbet asked

You update LWN article so rapidly. Do you have a “kagemusha” (Shadow worrier, writer?) or are you a sextuplet?

An excellent question I have often wondered myself. For those of you who don’t know Jon he’s the executive editor of, the source for very technical, reasonable and useful information on Linux. He assimilates a massive amount of information on the kernel and moves at the speed of the kernel, which is lightening fast. Just how many Jon Corbets are there and where is he hiding them?

If you aren’t a subscriber to LWN and care at all about Linux, I urge you or your company to subscribe and support Jon’s work. (You can also read highlights at the Linux Weather Forecast on our site.) Shadow warriors are rather high maintenance so we should all do our part.