Windows Kicks Linux to the Curb? You’ve got to be kidding.

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As a blogger myself I can appreciate a catchy headline as much as the next guy, but this one is insane. ZDNet’s Robin Harris is declaring an early victory in the netbook market with his story, “Windows Kicks Linux to the Curb.”

In the article he indicates that Microsoft has 80% share in the netbook market therefore a Windows win. “Last July Linux had a huge opportunity to beat Windows in the red-hot netbook market (see Linux for housewives. XP for geeks. ) But faster than I’d expected Microsoft has kicked Linux to the curb, claiming an 80% attach rate for netbooks.”

The author is forgetting two critical facts: first Microsoft formerly held well over 90% of the desktop market, second Linux is free and netbooks are exacting huge pain on Microsoft’s margins which they openly admitted as one of the reasons for laying off 5000 employees stating, “Client revenue declined 8% as a result of PC market weakness and a continued shift to lower priced netbooks.”

To quote the CEO of Toyota (who just become the worlds largest automaker beating GM for global share for the first time in 77 years), “The decline [in sales] that we are experiencing is pretty dramatic. And share doesn’t always pay the bills.”

In the same day the ZDNet article ran there were two contradictory stories in Businessweek and the New York Times. Businessweek covered Intel’s push into the Netbook and Mobile Internet device market with Linux and the New York Times talked about how “$200 Laptops Break a Business Model.” You can guess what model they were talking about.

It is a shame that people are being laid off in these troubled times and certainly no one is immune to economic woes, but who is really kicking whom to the curb?