How To Learn Linux From the Developers of Linux. (For Free.)

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The Linux community is a pyramid. The base is comprised of millions of
Linux users and system administrators. The second level is programmers
who work with Linux; some of those developers contribute to the
kernel, many do not. The top rung of the pyramid is the thousand or so
kernel developers and maintainers who actively contribute to the
kernel or other projects that make up a distribution. These are the
leaders whose code and ideas shape the system that users and sys
admins work with everyday. One of the goals of the Linux Foundation is
to make those people on the top rung accessible to the base.

You see it with many of our programs: LinuxCon,, the Japan
Linux Symposium and our training program. Today we are pleased to
announce an expansion of that program and the launch of a free webinar
program that connects Linux users, developers and sys admins to the
leaders of the Linux community. Users can now receive free Linux
training on such topics as the new Linux filesystem Btrfs, Git or
Linux performance tuning.

While these developers are always accessible via the kernel mailing
list, this format gives a different kind of access and learning
opportunity. Let’s face it: not all users and developers can attend
in- person events or pay for a training course.

The free Linux training webinar series features notable technical
leaders from the Linux community. Confirmed webinars include:
• “An Introduction to Git,” by kernel maintainer and TAB chair James Bottomley;
• “Linux System Troubleshooting and Tuning” and “Linux Administration
101,” by Linux author and community manager Joe “Zonker” Brockmeier;
• “How to Work with the Linux community,” by editor and kernel
developer Jon Corbet;
• “A Linux Filesystem Overview,” by kernel developer Christoph Hellwig;
• “Btrfs: An Intro and Update” to the new file system for Linux, by
project lead and TAB member Chris Mason; and
• “Linux Performance Tuning,” by North America’s first kernel
developer Ted Ts’o.

You can sign up here. We are lucky that these leaders are taking time
out of their busy schedules to do this.
I’m also happy to announce we have expanded our training offering with
new classes and new geographies served. Our training program is
exploding right now, just like the demand for Linux talent. (Obviously
not a coincidence!) We hope you take advantage of this new program.
Please send me feedback on topics or instructors you’d be interested
in hearing from.  You can reach me at amanda at the domain above.