Celebrating the “Best of” Linux Videos

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We created our Linux Video {http://video.linux.com} forum a few years ago to provide a place for the community to share Linux tutorials, inspirational stories and fun content. As one of the first and still one of few Linux-specific video forums, it has become quite a treasure trove of video content and information on Linux.


Each year since creating the forum, we’ve hosted a video contest with a different theme to encourage community members to share what inspires them. This year, we invited the community to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Linux with their submissions. Making this year special? Linux creator Linus Torvalds would choose the best.


We’re excited to announce that this year’s winner is Emil Tsueki with his video titled “Linux..for the People,” (http://video.linux.com/video/2095) which illustrates Linux growth and ubiquity on its 20th birthday. Emil hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. Congratulations, Emil!


All year we’ve been celebrating the 20th anniversary of Linux (http://www.linuxfoundation.org/20th) and this week we formally recognize this important milestone with the LinuxCon Gala (http://events.linuxfoundaton.org/events/linuxcon).


Because this year is unique, we also asked Linus if he would choose his personal favorites from past video contest winners and runner-ups, so we could share with you a sampling of the “best of” Linux videos. These remind us all how inspiring Linux has been and continues to be as it embarks on the next 20 years. Here are Linus’ picks:


From our first-ever video contest, themed “We’re Linux,” Linus reaffirmed the judging panel’s winning pick: “What Does it Mean to Be Free”:

http://video.linux.com/video/1106. We like this one so much, we’re including it in the LinuxCon 20th Anniversary of Linux Gallery next week, which will include a variety of videos, photographs and physical artifacts celebrating Linux. (Keep an eye on the forum for a tour of this gallery if you can’t join us in person in Vancouver.)


From last year, 2010, Linus liked the lighter, more fun approach and chose the second runner up:  “Free Your Computer”:



He also mentioned how much he enjoyed the Linux Foundation video Jennifer Cloer and I created this year. If you haven’t watched the story of Linux video, I encourage you to check it out!




Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our video contest overs the years and who shares their valuable content in the Linux.com community videoforum. Hope to see you all in Vancouver at LinuxCon! If you can’t make it, feel free to check out live streaming of the keynotes: http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/linuxcon/live-video-streaming