Jaguar Land Rover Seeks Automotive Leadership With Linux

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The automotive industry is undergoing a major technological shift and Jaguar Land Rover is at the forefront. The UK-based JLR has embraced Linux as the operating system underlying its next generation In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems. The company has also taken a leadership role in advocating for open source development within the automotive industry.

We talked briefly via email with Matt Jones, a Senior Technical Specialist for infotainment systems at Jaguar Land Rover and the Vice President of the non-profit GENIVI Alliance, an automotive industry effort to drive adoption of an IVI open-source development platform. In his keynote at The Linux Foundation's Collaboration Summit in San Francisco, April 15-17, Matt will share Jaguar Land Rover's experience moving to Linux-based IVI and the future of the technology. 

Matt Jones, Jaguar Land RoverHow is Jaguar Land Rover involved with Linux? 

Jaguar Land Rover uses Linux in a range of systems; but importantly has a GENIVI-compliant, Linux-based infotainment system in development.

What are some of the advantages to adopting a Linux-based IVI system? 
The most important aspects of a Linux based IVI system are that it meets all of the expectations of the customer. This includes all of the power management, data storage and persistence, start-up timing and other automotive requirements. At this time these are implemented by each provider, or covered by the GENIVI stack, and are not yet in a truly open Linux distribution.
What are the challenges and how are they being addressed?
The challenges are still being discovered. It's critical that the community works together to find appropriate solutions for automotive. There are different communities working together with similar objectives. The challenge is to unite and run in a single direction, in the open source.
Can you give us a preview of your talk at Collaboration Summit? What can attendees expect to learn? 
I'll be discussing some of the issues in IVI, and how the community can help engage others to create a significantly different IVI future.

Matt Jones is the Technical Lead for the next generation of infotainment systems at Jaguar Land Rover and the Vice President of the GENIVI Alliance; leading the push for open infotainment standards and leading edge features being deployed rapidly to the customer.

Matt began his career in professional audio, before joining the automotive sector with Jaguar Land Rover in 2002. He led the deployment of rear seat entertainment and television across the range of vehicles, and was responsible for the relationship and launches of premium audio systems with Bowers & Wilkins and most recently Meridian Audio. Following on he has taken the lead in many areas of Infotainment strategy, managing the System Architecture teams and off-shore development centres. Outside of Jaguar Land Rover, Matt is a Chartered Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, being a member of both the IMechE and the IET.

More details on Matt's keynote, as well as the other keynote presentations and sessions can be found on The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit website. If you're not already attending, you can still request an invitation.