Longterm kernel 3.10

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As I’ve discussed in the past, I will be selecting one
“longterm stable” kernel release every year, and maintain that kernel
release for at least two years.

Despite the fact that the 3.10-stable kernel releases are not slowing
down at all, and there are plenty of pending patches already lined up
for the next few releases, I figured it was a good time to let everyone
know now that I’m picking the 3.10 kernel release as the next longterm
kernel, so they can start planning things around it if needed.

I’m picking this kernel after spending a lot of time talking about
kernel releases, and product releases and development schedules from a
large range of companies and development groups. I couldn’t please
everyone, but I think that the 3.10 kernel fits the largest common set
of groups that rely on the longterm kernel releases.

This also means that the LTSI project will be rebasing their patchset on
3.10 as well, which is good news for people using that project as a
basis for kernel releases for their products.