Linux Training Scholarship Winners Represent New Generation of Talent

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A new generation of Linux talent is emerging, and it’s inspiring to witness. We see hundreds of new faces in our Linux training courses each year and newcomers participating in sessions at Linux events like LinuxCon and CloudOpen in both North America and Europe

We are also seeing this trend in our 2013 Linux Training Scholarship program, the winners of which we announced last week at LinuxCon. Nearly 700 people submitted applications for the opportunity to learn Linux. The average age of applicant was just 25 years-old, representing a whole new generation of developers and IT managers who are both passionate about the Linux platform but who also understand it’s the future of technology and a smart career choice. 

The 2013 Linux Training Scholarship winners will be profiled on and are detailed in this recent announcement. But please let me personally congratulate them and introduce them to you:

Andrew Dahl, United States, Linux Kernel Guru. 

Sarah Kiden, Uganda, Women in Linux. 

Abdelghani Ouchabane, Germany, SysAdmin Superstar. 

Nam Pho, United States, Developer Do-Gooder. 

Nandaja Varma, India, Whiz Kid. 

The and Linux Foundation Linux Jobs Report this year showed that 93 percent of employers would hire a Linux pro in the next six months, whle 90 percent also said that finding these pros is difficult. With more opportunities for Linux training available and the interest and passion we see from a new generation that is distributed around the globe, we see a lot of opportunity for all.