World Without Linux Video Series Debuts

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How many times did you use Linux this morning? Chances are you used Linux a lot as you went through your morning routine, from checking your phone to switching on your TV to hear the morning’s news as you ironed your shirt or made your coffee. 

Linux today is everywhere. For a lot of Linux and open source community members this is common knowledge. But for so many people around the world, there is not as much awareness about how this free operating system built together by hundreds of companies and thousands of developers is an integral part of our lives. 

Some argue it doesn’t matter if anyone knows what runs their devices or connects them to their colleagues, friends and family. That’s fair. People want to use technologies that simply work.  But with the growing ubiquity of Linux and open source software, generally, it becomes important to shine a light on the technologies that are building the future while supporting the companies and developers who are making that happen.

That’s why today, on the 24th anniversary of the first Linux kernel release, we’re debuting a video series titled “A World Without Linux.” This is six-part series that follows two characters and their feline named String through a variety of scenarios that illustrate in a fun and entertaining way how incredibly ridiculous a world without Linux would be. It brings attention to the role Linux plays in our lives and what it has enabled us to do so much quicker than if we relied on other technologies. 

The first episode finds our characters Sam and Annie attempting to find the answer to a question that today we'd find in 20 seconds on our phone. But in a world without Linux, a trip to the library is in order.

We’re also inviting you to compete for prizes by finding the Linux-themed clues, or Easter eggs, in a variety of the episodes. This takes some Linux know-how, so be warned Theyr'e not all obvious. Additionally, there are clues throughout the series about what is coming in the final episode. Call those out and you could win, too. For more information on the contests, please visit:

To keep up with the series, please visit the World Without Linux webpage: or follow the #WorldWithoutLinux hashtag on Twitter. 

Please join us in thanking the community of Linux contributors by sharing this video and bringing awareness to their incredible work.