Bloomberg: The Linux Foundation helping to advance container standards

As the need for containers and container standards grows, The Linux Foundation's Open Container Initiative is helping bring open standards to software containers. Bloomberg's Olga Kharif explains. 

IT World: Linux Foundation makes India first region to receive country-specific pricing training and certification products.

The Linux Foundation this week announced discounted pricing on select training and certification products for India. Read more from IT World

ZDNet: Google turns Kubernetes over to new Linux Foundation-hosted foundation

The Linux Foundation's new Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) looks to unite the cloud and containers. Google turns over Kubernetes to CNCF to support goal, says ZDNet.

Forbes: CoreOS, Docker, Google, & Joyent join Cloud Native Computing Foundation

As container management solution Kubernetes celebrates its first birthday, Google and other major players join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Read more from Forbes.

Wired: Linux Foundation-backed Cloud Native Computing Foundation to further cloud revolution

Cloud computing is "on the cusp of revolution" and the new Linux Foundation-hosted Cloud Native Computing Foundation is adding momentum to the movement, says Wired

Threatpost: Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative gets more help with Census Project

Threatpost covers the The Linux Foundation's announcement that The Core Infrastructure Initiative will utilize The Census Project to identify open source tools at risk.

Forbes: Linux Foundation to manage startups involved in new Docker alliance

The Linux Foundation to help companies involved in new Docker alliance "keep the peace." Read more from Forbes.  

ZDNet: Linus Torvalds and Jim Zemlin included in list of open source's top 10 leaders.

This list of the "Top 10 Leaders Driving Open-Source Tech" from ZDNet includes Linux creator Linus Torvalds and Linux Foundation Executive Director, Jim Zemlin.

IT World: Linux Foundation's Scholarship Program helps improve geek cred & career

"Learning Linux can not only improve your geek cred, it can help pave a career in tech," says Melanie Pinola. Read her latest article from IT World for details on how the Linux Foundation's expanded Scholarship Program can help you with both. 

ZDNet: Core Infrastructure Initiative tightening security efforts with new projects and director

The Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative announced the funding of three new security projects and the hiring of Linux security expert, Emily Ratliff. Stephen J. Vaughn-Nichols reports for ZDNet

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