InfoWorld: The Linux Foundation founds Fast Data Project

The Linux Foundation this week launched the Fast Data ( Project, a fast, open source data plane for networking and storage. " is in line with the Foundation's ambitions to nurture the future Web," writes InfoWorld reporter Serdar Yegulalp. 

App Developer Magazine: Dronecode Q&A with The Linux Foundation's Jennifer Cloer

In a Q&A with App Developer Magazine, Jennifer Cloer of The Linux Foundation describes the mission, accomplishments, and future of The Dronecode Project.

CoinDesk: New members and growth for the Hyperledger Project

Since its launch in December of 2015, the Hyperledger Project has aquired support and investment from key industry stakeholders. More from CoinDesk.

DABCC: Why the Linux on Azure certification will help you stand out

The new certification collaboration between The Linux Foundation and Microsoft combines the recognition of both to create a stellar representation of skills and credentials. More from DABCC.

Tech Times: Linux Foundation & Goodwill partnership expands availability of Linux

"Through its partnership with The Linux Foundation," writes Menchie Mendoza for Tech Times, "Goodwill will be able to bring new opportunities to these individuals while making them qualified candidates to enter Linux's pool of experienced and open source professionals."

CIO: Linux Foundation's Dronecode announces major project advancements

Dronecode, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, has announced the formation of three new working groups and 27 new members. More information from Swapnil Bhartiya via CIO

WIRED: Extended Learning Linux Foundation Scholarship Program to start IT careers

The Linux Foundation's new scholarship program is designed to start lucrative IT careers for those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. More information from WIRED magazine. 

SD Times: 15-year old receives Linux Foundation scholarship

High schooler RJ Murdok is awarded a Linux Foundation "Teens-in-Training" scholarship. Murdok is legally blind and has been studying Linux since 2012, writes SD Times' Madison Moore

eWeek: Automotive Grade Linux announces first Unified Code Base distribution

At The International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Automotive Grade Linux (a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project) announced new members and a Unified Code Base distribution, writes eWeek

The VAR Guy: Linus Torvalds appears in last 'World Without Linux' video

A cartoon Linus Torvalds is featured in the sixth "World Without Linux" video by the Linux Foundation (the last in the series.) Christopher Tozzi of The VAR Guy provides more insight into the jokes and metaphors of the episode. 

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