Linux Programming Standards

Here is’s take on the release of LSB 1.0. The article takes note of the many vendors who have announced support for the LSB, and urges vendors and the community to take the next step of implementing the LSB and the LDPS.
An excerpt from the opinion piece:
Of course the biggest issue is what the implication is for the wider take-up of Linux. If history is anything to go by, the more that Linux is deployed in major corporations the more different implementations there will be. If applications can’t be ported from one of these platforms to another, or only with considerable difficulty, then fear, uncertainty and doubt will start to spread (no doubt by eager journalists always happy to spread stories of doom and gloom) with all of the results that that will imply. This will result in Linux being the loser and Microsoft the winner. The message is clear: the Linux community had better get its act together and implement these compatibility standards. There is, after all, no point in being open source if you are not actually open.