OSTATIC: Linux Foundation Will Advance the OpenBEL Open Science Platform

In addition to overhauling its website in a big way, The Linux Foundation has just announcedthat OpenBEL, an open source platform for sharing scientific data, is now a Linux Foundation collaborative project. Selventa released OpenBEL as an open source project in June 2012 after successfully using it for more than 10 years to better understand drug efficacy and toxicity, identify mechanisms for drug sensitivity and resistance, and provide deeper insight into disease networks using multiple types of Big Data. Now, many organizations use it to users to capture, store, share and leverage life sciences content via a knowledge engineering platform.

OpenBEL is already used by AstraZeneca, The Fraunhofer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Novartis, Pfizer, and University of California at San Diego, among other organizations. According to the Linux Foundation announcement.

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