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Wall Street & Technology: Looking for A New Tech Job? Brush Up on Your Linux Skills

A new survey has shown that recruiters are aggressively seeking Linux professionals to fill positions, with 93% of hiring managers saying they will hire a Linux pro in the next six months.

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InfoWorld: Linux-savvy IT pros are in high demand, low supply

Linux skills are in high demand in the IT world, with 93 percent of hiring managers looking to hire a Linux professional in the next six months. But that's only if they can find any with sufficient skills, a task that's proving quite challenging.

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VentureBeat: Hiring managers: “A good Linux-head is hard to find”

A new report shows Linux experience is in greater demand — and, hiring managers say, harder to find — than in past years.

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The Register: Survey: Bosses are DESPERATE and GAGGING for Linux skills

Demand for IT professionals with Linux skills is stronger than ever, but a new worldwide survey of more than 850 hiring managers and 2,600 Linux professionals indicates that companies are having a hard time finding qualified hires.

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CIO: Tizen 2.0 Operating System Released to Developers

Tizen, the open-source project backed by Intel and Samsung Electronics, has released to software developers and device makers the software development kit and source code for a new version of its operating system.

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Fortune: Amid the patent wars, a powerful pact of non-aggression

The Open Invention Network, a community set up by an IBM-led consortium in 2005 to foster a safe patent environment for developers and users of the free, open-source software operating system Linux, now has more than 500 signatories, the group announced today. The group surpassed that symbolic milestone last December, according to its CEO Keith Bergelt, and now signs up a new company roughly every three days.

The VAR Guy: Perforce: Linux, Open Source Commitment High

Should companies that produce mostly proprietary software invest in Linux development? In one sense, that seems as illogical as the artisanal-organic bread guy from the local farmers’ market buying shares in Wonder Bread. But in a move that reveals the growing influence of open source beyond its traditional space, Perforce has joined the Linux Foundation and is very committed to supporting and protecting open-source code.

Embedded: Integrating Linux into automotive systems for the long haul

The Linux Foundation is revving up deployment of its widely used operating system by launching the Automotive Grade Linux Work Group to advance automotive system development through collaboration between the Linux and open-source communities and the automotive industry. Rudolf explains how the project will fuel in-vehicle technology innovation by developing a reference platform that meets the automotive industry's needs for connectivity and long-term viability.

Oracle: Oracle and Linux Foundation Partnership Growing Stronger

There are partnerships where there's great impact for all the community. This is the case with Oracle and Linux Foundation. We are growing strong in our collaboration and support of each other and the community as its extension.

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ReadWriteMobile: The 'Year of the Linux Desktop'? That's So 2012

For those Linux enthusiasts still pining for the mythical "Year of the Linux Desktop," the wait is over. In fact, it already happened. In 2012 Microsoft's share of computing devices fell to 20% from a high of 97% as recently as 2000, as a Goldman Sachs report reveals. While Apple has taken a big chunk of Microsoft's Windows lead, it's actually Google that plays Robin Hood in the operating system market, now claiming 42% of all computing devices with its free "Linux desktop" OS, Android.

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