News - 2013 Embedded Linux crash course available

For the time-impaired embedded developer, the Linux Foundation  is offering a condensed two day crash course version of its LF411 full five day course.

CRN: 30 Notable IT Executive Moves: January 2013

Alan Cox, well-known for his contributions to the Linux kernel and, according to the Linux Foundation, the "18th most active individual contributor," is leaving Intel and will no longer be involved with Linux development. Cox cited family reasons for his exit in a post to his Google+ page.

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IT Business Edge: Linux Foundation Gits Growth

The Linux Foundation continues to amaze me as it never ceases to stop adding new members to its roster.

This week, development firm Perforce joined the Linux Foundation which is of interest for a number of reasons. Perforce builds enterprise-grade Git version management software solutions via the Git Fusion solution. For years, I've been told by 'other' enterprise development firms that Git is all fine and nice but it's not for enterprise developers (yeaah I know, FUD!).

Develop: Perforce joins the Linux Foundation

Enterprise management company Perforce has joined the Linux Foundation, the non-profit organisation dedicated to accelerating the growth of the Linux operating system.

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InfoWorld: Key Linux contributor Alan Cox steps down

Alan Cox, one of the chief contributors to the Linux kernel, has taken a step down from his volunteer duties, citing the need to attend to family matters.

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When interviewing for a job as a Cisco Network Engineer, come armed with compelling stories of how your networking saved the day – or didn’t. It’s OK to talk about efforts that didn’t turn out so well, as long as you describe what you learned along the way. To many hiring managers, the learning is the key.


Phoronix: Linux Foundation Puts Out Linux 3.4 "LTSI" Kernel

From the Linux Foundation's Consumer Electronics Workgroup is a Linux 3.4 kernel that's part of their Long-Term Support Initiative. The LTSI Linux 3.4 kernel will be maintained for two years while back-porting some of the features of newer Linux kernel releases. 

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Ostatic: Linux Foundation to Launch Free, Online Educational Q&As This Week

The Linux community has a long history of sharing educational resources, tips and tools, but much of this sharing is done on an ad-hoc basis online. In an effort to build new, structured and free opportunities for community members to learn about Linux, The Linux Foundation is launching a series of Live Linux Q&As on its social channels, starting this week, Wednesday, January 16, on Facebook

MarketNews Magazine: CES 2013: Top Trends in Computing & Networking

Amongst all the huge Ultra HD TVs and the endless glitzy cell phone accessories, CES 2013 also saw a number of quieter, but at times far more remarkable announcements. Some of them were on the technical side, yet had implications that will soon extend across the entire electronics landscape. Here are few of my favorites.

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Design News: Advancing the IoT Through a Tech Alliance Super Club

The Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly becoming a reality. Common objects in our homes -- lights, refrigerators, TVs, and even coffee makers -- are becoming smarter in some way and will soon be able to communicate with other devices through the Internet. However, one problem many companies face when designing smart devices is how they can interact with devices from other companies. How would a device made by Samsung communicate with a device made by Sony?

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