ZDNet: Microsoft is offering a Linux certification with the Linux Foundation

There is now a joint Microsoft Linux certification, with the help of the Linux Foundation. ZDNet shares more details. 

InformationWeek: The Open Container Initiative is now a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project

Charles Babcock of InformationWeek shares details on the Open Container Initiative, which is now a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. 

ITWorld: OpenStack administration course now offered by the Linux Foundation and ITWorld contributor Swapnil Bhartiya shares details on the new Linux Foundation OpenStack admin course (LFS252)

BetaNews: Linux Foundation to participate in 'Hour of Code'

In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, the Linux Foundation is participating in's "Hour of Code", reports BetaNews

The VAR Guy: New Linux Foundation Video Imagines a World Without 3D Movies

The Linux Foundation's fourth video in the animated "World Without Linux" shorts series "highlights role of open source in 3D movies," writes Christopher Tozzi for The VAR Guy

Forbes: Red Hat & Microsoft execs share thoughts on evolution of open source

"It is hard to understate the impact open-source has had on technology," writes Jono Bacon of Forbes. Find out how Red Hat & Microsoft's approaches to open source technology in the enterprise have evolved over the years. 

ZDNet: New Linux Foundation Collaborative Project unites supercomputer leaders

The new OpenHPC Collaborative Project (hosted by the Linux Foundation and a consortium of high performance computing leaders) will provide an open source software framework for HPC environments, says ZDNet.

Cloud Pro: Industry leaders to to boost the Open API Initiative Collaborative Project

Members of the Linux Foundation's Open API Initiative Collaborative Project, including Google, IBM, Microsoft, and PayPal want to help the Linux Foundation extend the capabilities of Swagger. Read more from Cloud Pro.

InfoWorld: New Open API Initiative intends to make next-gen APIs easier work with

New Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, the Open API Initiaitve, will build on top of the Swagger specification to advance ease of API use, says InfoWorld

New York Times: Jim Zemlin shares preventable measures for Internet security

Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin comments on preventative measures for Internet security in this New York Times blog. 

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