The VAR Guy: New Essentials of SysAdmin course covers necessary, key skills

The Linux Foundation's new Essentials of SysAdmin training course is self-paced and comes bundled with a certification exam. The material gives users System Administration background and experience, providing "core skills that apply to all of the various iterations of Linux currently available," says The Var Guy. 


ZDNet: The Linux Foundation's Guide to the Open Cloud lists projects of "superior relevance"

In the rapidly evolving realm of open source cloud technologies, The Linux Foundation's 2015 Guide to the Open Cloud lists "the programs you should seriously consider using," says ZDNet.


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SiliconANGLE: Open source technologies are key to the growth of Internet of Things

The Linux Foundation's core belief that the Internet of Things depends on an open source ecosystem is cited in a recent article. Collaborative projects Allseen Alliance, OpenDaylight, and Jim Zemlin's thoughts on the "Internet of Everything" illustrate this shift towards a "universal open standard," according to SiliconANGLE.


DataCenterKnowledge: Jim Zemlin's Keynote Speech Listed as One of Ten Top Data Center Stories

DataCenterKnowledge lists Jim Zemlin's OpenStack Summit keynote on how open source is eating the software world as one of ten most read articles of 2014.


eWeek: How the Linux Foundation's CII Is Securing the Internet

In the aftermath of Heartbleed, a new effort emerged called the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) to help fund developers wanting to improve security across critical open-source infrastructure technologies.

Giagom: “We want Linux,” say 300,000 edX students

In case anyone doubted that Linux is the OS king among modern-day software programmers (or would-be programmers), here’s a tidbit: Some 300,000 people signed up for an edX course on Linux that kicked off in August, the largest turnout for any of edX’s 350 courses this year, according to edX president Anant Agarwal.

The VAR Guy: Predicting the Future of Training for Linux, Open Source Software

How much demand is there for Linux training? Enough to make the Linux Foundation's inaugural MOOC online training course, "Introduction to Linux," the most popular offering on the edX platform. 

Business Insider: Linus Torvalds Named One of 50 Most Powerful in Enterprise Tech

This is a list of the most powerful people in that multi-trillion dollar industry, many of them multi-millionaires, or even billionaires, in their own right.

Some are powerful because they run the biggest, baddest enterprise tech companies around. Others are powerful because they are changing the status quo, upending the business models or technologies of those powerful companies.

Data Center Knowledge: Open Source is Eating the Software World

"In every sector of the technology world, there is now an open source project that is defining that particular technology. Software drives value in nearly every industry, and open source projects are where most of that value comes from." - Jim Zemlin via Data Center Knowledge

Computerworld: Linux Foundation Does Open Source Drones

As I've noted many times, one of the exciting things about open source is the way it is expanding to completely new areas. A good example of that is drones. People have a rather complicated view of drones: like most tools, they can be used for good or bad. But there's no doubt that making the software that controls them open source is a step in the right direction, since it means that drones don't remain the exclusive domain of big companies - or the military.

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