The Register: HP throws Tru64 code to Linux fanciers

Kelly Fiveash covers the announcement by HP to make its Tru64 Unix Advanced File System available to the open source community.

InternetNews: Why open source drivers and modules are important

Sean Michael Kerner covers the kernel developer’s statement made today on open source drivers and modules.

Network World: Should IT pros be thinking about Android?

Brad Reed reports on Google’s open source platform and the likelihood of it showing up in the enterprise. HP open sources Advanced File System

Ian Williams covers HP’s open source file system announcement with a quote by Jim.

CIO: IT Leaders Encouraged to Contribute Enterprise Code to Open-Source Projects

Esther Schindler reports on the need for large corporations to contribute code back to the community.

Linux Today: Kernel Developers Issue Joint Statement on Device Drivers

Brian Profitt shares the complete Kernel Developers’ statement as well as the paper on the Linux Driver Model.

Computerworld UK: What the Kernel Hackers Said, and Who Said It

Glyn Moody shares the kernel developers’ statement in its entirety.

ZDNet: New call for open source device drivers

Dana Blankenhorn reports on the kernel developers call for open device drivers.

“Perhaps nothing has kept Linux from desktop success more than a lack of open source device drivers. So it should be no surprise that the Linux Foundation has renewed its call for open source device drivers. The call comes complete with a whitepaper on the Linux driver market, a Q&A on the issue, and an essay by technical board chair James Bottomley on Linux graphics. The Q&A notes the foundation is making no legal claims in its statement.”

CNET: Linux developers petition for open Linux kernel drivers

Matt Asay reports on the Linux developers call for open device drivers.

“Insisting that they have ‘repeatedly found them to be detrimental to Linux users, businesses, and the greater Linux ecosystem,’ today the Linux kernel community has started petitioning for open-source modules and open-source drivers for the Linux kernel. The Linux Foundation, led by Jim Zemlin, has issued a statement in favor of the Linux kernel developers’ position.”

PC World: Will Ozzie Bring Change to Microsoft?

Zemlin talks to John Fontana about the challenges Microsoft faces as Bill Gates officially retires July 1.

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