TechNewsWorld: OpenSuse Rolls Out Feature-Packed Version 11.0

JR Raphael reports on the new version of the OpenSuse operating system released this week.

“‘I’m really impressed with the new version of OpenSuse,’ Amanda McPherson, vice-president of marketing and developer programs for the Linux Foundation, told LinuxInsider. ‘The OpenSuse community has obviously done a lot of work to create a unique and compelling desktop experience. I think the installer improvements are key as well as the multimedia ones,’ she said.”

BusinessWeek: I Left My Staff in San Francisco

Aaron Ricadela reports on Silicon Valley companies moving their offices to San Francisco.

“Companies need to be where their talent wants to live, and in the Bay Area that means San Francisco,” says Jim Zemlin, executive director of trade group the Linux Foundation, based in the city’s Potrero Hill neighborhood. “Our staff values an urban lifestyle and a short commute. You won’t catch us in San Jose anytime soon.”

Call For Speakers: The Linux Plumbers Conference

Call For Speaker Proposals
Linux Plumbers Conference
17-19 September 2008
Portland, Oregon USA

Call For Speaker Proposals

Registration Now Open: The Linux Plumbers Conference

Linux Plumbers Conference Registration Open
17-19 September 2008
Portland, Oregon USA

General Registration Now Open

We are pleased to announce that general registration for the Linux
Plumbers Conference is now open.

CNET: Software can drive you to cry…or to underground harems

Matt Asay blogs about his podcast on The Reg with Ashlee, Dave and Jim.

“But we also spent some quality time with Jim Zemlin of the Linux Foundation, who took umbrage at my question, ‘Do we still need the Linux Foundation, anyway?’ and schooled me like Michael Jordan on an elementary school playground.”

The Register: Bill Gates cried to make the world a better place

Ashlee Vance hosts the Open Seasons podcast with Matt Asay, Dave Rosenberg and Jim as the special guest. They discuss Red Hat, Microsoft and the LF among other topics.

PC World: Wall Street becoming Linux stronghold

Ellen Messmer reports on Linux adoption on Wall Street and the concern over licensing.

Datamation: What do Free and Open Source Software Leaders Think of Microsoft?

Bruce Byfield reports on OSS leaders - Stallman, Torvalds, Brown and Zemlin - weighting in on Microsoft.

LinuxInsider: Countries Line Up Against OOXML as Global Standard

Katherine Noyes reports on Venezuela becoming the latest in a string of countries to appeal the approval of OOXML, including comments by Andy Updegrove.

LXer: The future is bright for Linux filesystems

Tom King discusses the issues with Linux filesystems and the solutions that the Linux Foundation sought to find during their Collaboration Summit and with the weather forecast.

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