Datamation: What do Free and Open Source Software Leaders Think of Microsoft?

Bruce Byfield reports on OSS leaders - Stallman, Torvalds, Brown and Zemlin - weighting in on Microsoft.

LinuxInsider: Countries Line Up Against OOXML as Global Standard

Katherine Noyes reports on Venezuela becoming the latest in a string of countries to appeal the approval of OOXML, including comments by Andy Updegrove.

LXer: The future is bright for Linux filesystems

Tom King discusses the issues with Linux filesystems and the solutions that the Linux Foundation sought to find during their Collaboration Summit and with the weather forecast.

Network World: All eyes on how Microsoft pulls off ODF support

John Fontana reports on Microsoft’s declaration last week that it would finally support ODF, quoting Andy.

eBizQ: Podcast: Talking to… Amanda McPherson of Linux Foundation

Dennis Byron hosts a podcast with Amanda discussing her views on SaaS and where Linux is headed.

“This year we invited Amanda McPherson, the LF’s director of marketing and a popular open source blogger to pick up where Jim left off. Her feelings on the SaaS movement and other aspects of the Linux ecosystem are included in this podcast.”

InformationWeek: How Open Is Microsoft?

Nick Hoover writes a cover story on Microsoft’s claims of openness and transparency, with Jim weighing in.

InformationWeek: Eight Things Microsoft Can And Should Do To Be More ‘Open’

Nick Hoover writes about the top eight things Microsoft should do to be more open, including developing an active relationship with the LF.

“Microsoft’s top attorney, Brad Smith, recently wondered aloud how Microsoft, which he likened to a cathedral, could do cross licensing or broad interoperability with Linux, which he likened to a bazaar. Here’s a start: set up an active relationship with the group that helps organize the bazaar. That would be the Linux Foundation.”

ZDNet: Free software great and small

Jeremy Allison, of Google, blogs about the Linux Foundation’s Collab Summit.

CNET: Oracle crowns Red Hat the Linux king

Matt Asay reports on the LF’s podcast with Oracle exec Edward Screven.

“For those who had forgotten, Oracle provides Linux support. It’s called “Unbreakable Linux.” Most of you stopped thinking about it long ago, but for those who didn’t, Oracle’s chief corporate architect, Edward Screven decided to remind everyone. Edward is a big fan of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. So much so, in fact, that he wants the industry to rally around the Red Hat flag as the Linux standard.”

Computerworld UK: Oracle Comes Out into the Open on GNU/Linux

Glyn Moody reports on the LF’s Open Voices podcast featuring Edward Screven of Oracle.

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