Nick Carr’s Rough Type: Open Source as Corporate Joint Venture

Carr posts on the Linux Foundation’s “Who Writes Linux Paper.”

TechDirt: The Open Source Model Is About Organization, Not Who Signs Your Paycheck

Timothy Lee writes about the kernel contributors.

ZDNet: LSB SDK, aka 4.0, could be panacea for Linux app developers .. and Ubuntu

Paula Rooney reports on the Linux Standards Base 4.0.

“The Linux Foundation hopes that its fourth stab at a solution, the Linux Standards Base 4.0, will make it much easier and less expensive for ISVs to write a Linux application once that runs on all Linux distributions. “ISVs today only support two distributions and that is a hard reality,” said Linux kernel developer Ted Ts’o.”

ZDNet: Ubuntu’s corporate ready 8.04 is released but is three a crowd in Linux server market?

Paula Rooney reports on the latest Ubuntu release, quoting Ted Ts’o of the Linux Foundation.

CIO: Decoding the professionalization of Linux

Ed Cone reports on the LF’s Who Writes Linux report that came out of the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit earlier this month.

InformationWeek: Linux Is No Longer The Cool New Kid On The Block. So Now What?

Charlie Babcock writes about the IDC report shared at the LF’s Collab Summit.

Tech Blorge: Microsoft’s credibility turning to junk while Linux revenue grows

Matt Jansen writes on the IDC and the Who Writes Linux reports released by the LF this week during their Collab Summit and shows how Linux is continuing to improve while Microsoft’s credibility declines.

Network World: Linux faithful see ray of light shining on client OS

John Fontana reports on the desktop Linux panel at the LF’s Collab Summit.

The Inquirer: IDC explains where Linux went right

Andrew Thomas reports on the IDC report released at the LF’s Collab Summit this past week.

“IDC Researchers reckon that the Linux market will be worth almost $50 billion by 2011. Dropping effortlessly into premium-grade marketingspeak, IDC says that spending on the Linux ecosystem will rise from $21 billion in 2007 to more than $49 billion in 2011, driven by rising enterprise deployments of Linux server operating systems.”

InternetNews: Cisco Set to Dominate Linux Market?

Sean Michael Kerner covers the announcement of Cisco turning their routers into Linux application servers and uses data from the LF’s Who Writes Linux report.

“According to a recent Linux Foundation study, Cisco is already contributing to Linux and currently represents 0.5 percent of changes (which is a good number). I would expect that with the AXP in the market, Cisco’s contribution rate will go up.”

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