The Inquirer: Torvalds says Microsoft is scaremongering about patents

Egan Orion covers Torvalds comments on Microsoft in the second part of his podcast released by the LF today.

IDG: Torvalds: Microsoft is bluffing on patents

Chris Kanaracus reports on Part 2 of the Torvalds podcast released today.

InternetNews: HP Launches Open Source Governance Initiative

Sean Michael Kerner reports on HP’s new FOSSology project and FOSSBazaar community, which are being run in coordination with the Linux Foundation.

“The second effort being launched by HP is the FOSSBazaar effort, which will actually be run as a workgroup within The Linux Foundation. HP has already solicited the participation of Coverity, DLA Piper, Google, Novell, Olliance Group, OpenLogic and SourceForge to join the effort.”

Search Enterprise Linux: HP ferrets out open source software

Bridget Botelho reports on HP’s new IT governance initiative and tools to help companies address the potential legal, financial and security risks involved in the adoption of free and open source software. HP collaborated with the Linux Foundation.

CNET: Linux to GPLv3: A practical matter not a legal one

Gordon Haff covers the LF’s debut podcast, touching on if or when Linux would “upgrade” from the GPLv2 license to the GPLv3 version.

The 451 Group: Torvald’s thoughts on the open source community

Matt Aslett gives an overview of Linus’ discussion of the open source community in the LF’s debut podcast in its Open Voices series.

Network World: Torvalds breaks down Linux

John Fontana reports on part one of Jim’s podcast with Linus.

“Torvalds said the mythical “Linux community” does not refer to one big happy open source family, but that the development process is made up a many groups some with different ideals and goals. “But at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is actual code and the technology itself,” Torvalds said. People unwilling to step up don’t have a voice when all is said and done, he said.”

CIO Today: Microsoft Slammed with New EU Antitrust Probes

Jennifer LeClaire reports on the EU’s new findings that Microsoft as illegally refused to disclose interoperability information across a broad range of products, including commentary by Andy Updegrove.

InfoWorld: Linus Says Linux Isn’t a Single Community

Zack Urlocker reports on the LF’s podcast series, including analysis by Matt Anslett of The 451 Group.

“In a recent podcast interview Linus Torvalds discussed with Jim Zemlin of the Linux Foundation the notion of “community.” Bottom line, there is no single community. Rather there are many different communities. And if you want to be a part of it, you have to engage. Good advice!”

LinuxInsider: Coders Going Mercenary: From Community to Corporation

Jack Germain reports on the career path of a code developer.

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