CMP: Open Source Community Wary of Microsoft’s Pledge

Nathan Eddy covers the open source communities reaction to Microsoft’s claims of openness.

IDG: Some open sourcers keeping open mind about Microsoft pledges

Chris Kanaracus reports on the open source world’s reaction to Microsoft’s claim to be more open.

The New York Times: Microsoft to Share More Technical Secrets

Steve Lohr covers the Microsoft announcement to open up its technical details.

“The industry is taking a wait-and-see stance on Microsoft’s plan. Linux, an open-source competitor to Windows, stands to benefit from Microsoft’s more open posture. Regulators and competition are ‘forcing Microsoft to change the way it does business,’ said Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, a nonprofit consortium.”

LA Times: Microsoft to open up technical data

Joseph Menn reports on Microsoft’s announcement to open up and the EC’s reactions, including commentary by Jim.

eWeek: Rivals Skeptical of Microsoft`s Move to Greater `Openness`

Peter Galli reports on the open source world’s skepticism over Microsoft’s latest claims to openness.

BusinessWeek: Microsoft Pledges Fail to Move the EU

Aaron Ricadela covers Microsoft’s openness announcement made this morning and the EU’s reaction, including commentary by Jim.

CNET: Open-source fans mixed on Microsoft move

Stephen Shankland reports on Microsoft’s move towards openness, including comments by Jim.

Network World: Microsoft’s API release seen as olive branch to some, weapon to others

John Fontana reports on Microsoft’s statement this morning to open up its APIs and communications protocols and reach out to open source developers, including comments from Jim.

InternetNews: LSB 3.2 Brings Standardization Closer

Sean Michael Kerner reports on the release of LSB 3.2.

“The future of LSB is all about the continuing evolution of the libraries it includes as well as the tests that help to ensure compliance with the standard. McPherson noted that The Linux Foundation is making a multimillion dollar investment in tools and test cases with the Russian Academy of Sciences. ‘This will result in better quality up and down the Linux platform,’ McPherson said.”

InfoWorld: Yes, Sun should compete against Linux

Savio Rodrigues discusses Amanda’s posting on Sun and Linux.

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