LinuxInsider: Linux Ecosystem Revenue to Near $50 Billion by 2011

Walaika Haskins writes about the IDC report announced at the LF’s Collab Summit earlier this week.

InformationWeek: Mickos, As New Sun Exec: Linux Will Stay In LAMP

Charlie Babcock reports from the LF’s Collab Summit on Marten Mickos keynote on LAMP.

eWeek: Adobe AIRs out Linux, Joins Foundation

Darryl Taft reports on Adobe’s commitment to join the LF and Adobe’s attendance at the LF’s Collab Summit.

“The company will attend the Linux Foundation’s annual collaboration summit in Texas in April. Adobe Systems is making two strongly pro-Linux moves by releasing an alpha version of the Adobe Integrated Runtime for Linux and announcing its membership in the Linux Foundation.”

Computerworld: IT managers urged to dip their toes into community-based support

Todd Weiss reports on the kernel developer panel at the second annual LF Collab Summit in Austin this week.

Open Source Voices: Videos from the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit

Roberto Galoppini blogs about the LF’s YouTube videos coming out of the Summit. You can find them here

InformationWeek: Summit: Linux Advances Into Enterprise, Seeks Better Fix For Bugs

Charlie Babcock reports on the LF Collab Summit, discussing Al Gillen’s keynote on the IDC report, the kernel developers panel and the mobile device makers panel.

eWeek: VIA to open up its devices

Steven Vaughan-Nichols, live from the LF Collab Summit, writes on Via’s commitment to open up.

ZDNet: Via project to boost Linux support

Adrian Bridgwater reports on Via Technologies open source announcement made at the LF Collab Summit.

InternetNews: Linux-Related Spending Could Top $49B by 2011

Sean Michael Kerner writes on the new IDC report coming out of the LF Collab Summit.

“Let there be no further doubt: Linux is becoming big business. According to a new report from analyst firm IDC and sponsored by the Linux Foundation, hardware and software spending related to the open source OS hit $21 billion during 2007. The researcher’s findings further indicate that by 2011, Linux ecosystem spending will grow even larger, to $49 billion.”

Computerworld UK: A Good Foundation to Build On

Glyn Moody blogs on the LF Collab Summit.

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