LinuxInsider: HP Joins the Crowd at the Low End

Brad King writes about the new emerging market of smaller, less expensive notebooks - citing the Linux Desktop panel at the LF Collab Summit today. LCS: Do You Take The Kernel For Granted?

Ross Turk reports on the kernel developer panel at the LF’s Collab Summit.

Austin American-Statesman: Linux developers look to break out

Dan Zehr of the local Austin newspaper reports on the LF’s Collaboration Summit taking place this week.

Blogging Hyperic: Video - Javier Soltero at the Linux Foundation Summit

John Mark of Hyperic picks up the LF’s live videos from the Summit today.

To see all the videos, check out the LF’s YouTube Channel.

Tectonic: Via announces open source plans

Live from the LF Collab Summit, Via announces their open source initiatives.

ZDNet: State of the Linux union is sound

Dana Blankenhorn writes on the LF’s Collaboration Summit and the new report released by IDC today.

“Before settling down to business at its Collaboration Summit in Austin today, the Linux Foundation heard a state of the Linux union talk from IDC. In the enterprise space, it’s sound. (This is a picture from last year’s summit. Don’t they look excited, though?) The key takeaway was a hockey stick graph, showing the Linux ecosystem growing from $21 billion in sales last year to $49 billion by 2011.”

IT Investment Research: Linux Foundation, IDC release new forecasts for Linux ecosystem growth

Dennis Bryon writes on the new IDC report released today at the LF Collab Summit.

Network World: Linux showing signs of solid growth: IDC study

John Fontana reports live from the LF’s Collab Summit on IDC’s new report.

eWeek: Customized Linux PC for MySpacers

Steven Vaughan-Nichols reports live from the LF’s Collab Summit following the panel on the Linux Desktop.

eWeek: Linux partisans gather at Foundation annual meeting

Steven Vaughan-Nichols writes about today’s opening day of the LF’s Collaboration Summit and the new IDC report by Al Gillen that will be featured.

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