LinuxInsider: Coders Going Mercenary: From Community to Corporation

Jack Germain reports on the career path of a code developer. Google’s Secret Weapon

Glyn Moody reports on Google and open sources threat to Microsoft, citing Jim.

“[Google is] an example of a company that literally couldn’t have existed in the same form pre-Linux or pre-open source,” says Jim Zemlin, executive director of The Linux Foundation — the organization that pays Linus Torvalds to work on the Linux kernel. “If they had to rely on Microsoft or Sun, not only would it have been too expensive, they could not have done the modifications necessary to create their services.”

O’Reilly: Linux and GPLv3

Allison Randal reports on the LF podcast series.

InternetNews: Torvalds Still Keen On GPLv2

Sean Michael Kerner reports on Jim’s podcast with Linus.

“In an interview with Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin, Torvalds responded to questions about his role and specifically about his choice of license for the Linux kernel. Torvalds stressed in the interview that he doesn’t necessarily care about one license versus another –- only that he works with one that makes the most sense for his efforts.”

eWeek: Torvalds Still Will Not License Linux Under GPL v3

Peter Galli reports on the LF’s debut podcast with Linus Torvalds and focuses on licensing.

“Torvalds, a vocal critic of GPL v3 while it was being drafted, prefers GPL v2, he told Jim Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation, Jan. 8 in the first in a series of podcasts titled “Open Voices,” which will feature the industry’s top open source and Linux leaders.”

InfoWorld: Linus Torvalds still sticking with GPL 2

Paul Krills reports on the LF’s Open Voices podcast series that debuted today with a podcast between Jim and Linus.

CNET: Microsoft’s biggest threat: Google or open source? Or both?

Matt Asay blogs on Glyn Moody’s recent article on the threats to Microsoft, discussing how Google has used its open source software.

LinuxInsider: The Pathway to Linux Developer Stardom

Jack Germain reports on how open source developers make the move from academic degree to getting hired.

Linux Journal: And The Winner Is…Desktop Linux!

Justin Ryan reports on the results of the Desktop Linux survey.

“According to the survey, which had more than double the number of respondents this year, desktop Linux is having a growth spurt, especially in the business market. Forty percent (40%) of businesses with one more more Linux desktops reported they were running Linux on at least half their desktop machines.”

InfoWorld: Linux event planned for China

Paul Krill covers the announcement of the Linux Developer Symposium to be held in Beijing on February 19-20.

“The event will address desktop, server and embedded Linux opportunities, the foundation said. Speakers include Andrew Morton, Linux kernel maintainer; Coly Li, Novell file system maintainer and Matt Mackall, embedded expert and kernel developer. Also scheduled to appear is Jim Zemlin, foundation executive director.”

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