LinuxInsider: Lamenting OOXML

Katherine Noyes reports on the OOXML vote and the industry’s response to Adobe joining the LF.

LinuxInsider: Linux Foundation - Paid Contributors Helping to Grow Kernel

Jack Germain writes on the LF’s report on Who Writes Linux released last week.

“The Linux Foundation has found that the number of developers putting work into the Linux kernel is growing fast, tripling over the past three years. Over that period, the number of individual contributors has doubled. Linux is being used more often as the firmware found in consumer electronics, and now more than 70 percent of all kernel development is done by paid professionals.”

PC World: Linux kernel community grows

IDG’s take on the “Who Writes Linux” paper

3rd GNOME Mobile Summit to be held in Austin

The 3rd GNOME Mobile Summit will be held next week, April 8 - 10, in correlation with the Linux Foundation’s 2nd Annual Collaboration Summit in Austin.

InformationWeek: Linux Contributor List Grows Longer; Many Paid

Charlie Babcock writes about the Who Writes Linux report published by the LF.

“Over the past three years, the number of individual contributors to the Linux kernel has more than doubled to 1,057 for the most recent 2.6.24 kernel release. According to a report out this week by the Linux Foundation, the pace of changes to the kernel also picked up, averaging 2.83 per hour over the course of 14 kernel updates during the 34 month period.”

Slashdot: Novell Rises to Second Highest Linux Contributor

Slashdot post on the LF’s Who Writes Linux report.

“Which companies contribute the most to the Linux kernel? Well, The Linux Foundation released their results and Novell’s contributions have gone up 250% (from 3.6% of all contributions to 14.4% of all contributions) to put them at #2 behind Red Hat. This chart also illustrates just how widely Linux is modified by the community and not just a handful of developers/companies. You can find more coverage on blogs and the original report.”

Open: Linux - Too Much of a Good Thing?

In Glyn Moody’s blog he writes about the new report published by the LF on Who Writes Linux.

“The transformation of the Linux Foundation from a rather sleepy, peripheral player into one of the main voices for open source has been fascinating to watch. It’s certainly welcome, too, because one of the problems of Linux in particular, and open source in general, is that the distributed production has tended to lead to dissipation in terms of getting the message across.”

Heise Online: Linux Foundation study goes behind the scenes of kernel development

The German publication reports on the LF’s report on Who Writes Linux.

ComputerWorld: Who writes and contributes to Linux code?

Todd Weiss reports on the LF’s report on Who Writes Linux, including commentary by McPherson, one of the reports authors.

ZDNet: The Linux Census: No one entity owns the kernel

Larry Dignan writes on the Linux Foundation’s Who Writes Linux report released today.

“The Linux Foundation on Tuesday released a report on Linux kernel development that is essentially a census of the open source operation. While much has been made about Novell’s doubling of contributions to the Linux kernel, the two biggest categories of contributors aren’t sponsored by any one company.”

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