eWeek: Who Really Creates Linux?

Steven Vaughan Nichols reports on the Linux Foundation’s report on Who Writes Linux.

Redmond Developer: Microsoft’s Open Course

Michael Desmond reports on Microsoft’s open claims and OOXML.

The Associate Press: Time Is Right for Linux PCs to Emerge

Brian Bergstein reports on Linux on the desktop, including comments by Jim Zemlin.

“”Every point is billions of dollars to Microsoft,” says Jim Zemlin, head of The Linux Foundation, a consortium devoted to advancing Linux. His group is meeting with top PC makers next week in Austin, Texas, in hopes of accelerating their efforts to sell Linux machines.”

IT Business Edge: Sun’s Open Source Strategy All Wrong?

Lora Bentley reports on the third LF podcast that was release last night featuring Ron Hovsepian.

LinuxInsider: Adobe Joins Linux Team, Springs AIR

Jim Offner reports on Adobe joining the LF.

“Adobe on Monday announced it has joined the Linux Foundation and has made available prereleases of AIR for Linux. Adobe’s membership will contribute to the foundation’s goal of increasing Linux app development with an emphasis on Web 2.0 apps, noted Jim Zemlin, the Linux Foundation’s executive director.”

TopTechNews: Adobe Releases AIR for Linux, Joins Foundation

Barry Levine reports on Adobe joining the LF.

“Adobe has showed its support for Linux and open source by releasing its Adobe AIR software for Linux and joining the Linux Foundation. Adobe AIR for Windows and Mac was launched last year. The addition of a Linux version of Adobe AIR will allow Linux developers to build RIAs — and may garner support for Adobe in the Linux community.”

Ars Technica: First look: Adobe AIR alpha unleashed for Linux

Ryan Paul writes about Adobe joining the LF.

CMP: Adobe Joins Linux Foundation, Offers AIR For Linux

Nathan Eddy reports on Adobe joining the LF.

Tech Blorge: Adobe AIR now in Linux flavor

Erna Mahyuni blogs on Adobe joining the LF.

Venture Beat: Adobe joins the cool kids in the Linux Foundation

Anthony Ha reports on Adobe joining the LF.

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