InternetNews: Adobe Joins Linux Foundation

Sean Michael Kerner blogs about Adobe joining the LF.

“Adobe is joining the Linux Foundation as part of an effort to show its commitment to Linux. Adobe is also now making its AIR platform available for Linux — as an Alpha. Finally there is also an update to the alpha version of Adobe Flex Builder 3 for Linux.”

ZDNet: Adobe joins Linux Foundation

Dana Blankenhorn blogs about Adobe joining the LF.

“Adobe has already signed to be part of the Linux Foundation’s Collaboration Summit, April 8-10 in Austin.”

InformationWeek: Adobe Cozies Up To Open Source World

Nick Hoover reports on Adobe joining the LF.

“Most of Adobe Systems’ products remain proprietary; the company’s Photoshop graphic editing application sells for $649.99 on Best Buy’s Web site. But that doesn’t mean Adobe can’t make nice with the world of open source. The company announced plans Monday to join the Linux Foundation and released an early test version of its Adobe Integrated Runtime (Air) for rich Internet applications.”

ZDNet: Adobe brings AIR RIA tool to Linux

Paula Rooney reports on Adobe joining the LF.

“It’s nice to see Adobe becoming more Linux friendly than ever. Adobe maintains that the recent release of Flash Player 9 with Linux support and its forthcoming Flex Builder 3 for Linux and AIR for Linux demonstrated a new openness to the open source operating system and open source in general. To that end, Adobe announced that it is joining the Linux Foundation.”

ReadWriteWeb: Adobe AIR Makes Its Way to Linux

Josh Catone reports on Adobe joining the LF.

CNET: Adobe brings AIR to Linux, joins Linux Foundation

Martin LaMonica writes about Adobe joining the LF.

“Adobe said that it joined the Linux Foundation to help promote rich Internet application development on Linux. It’s a bid to raise its commitment to Linux-based software on the desktop, where it’s support until now has been limited.”

The 451 Group’s COAS Theory: The Lowdown on Linux from the Source

Jay Lyman says some interesting things today about the “Who Writes Linux” report.

InternetNews Takes a Look at New LF Report: Who is Writing Linux?

Sean Michael Kerner surfaces some of the statistics here.

ZDNet Reports on Newest LF Open Voice Podcast: Ron Hovsepian

Check out Dana Blankenhorn’s report on Novell’s podcast interview with Zemlin Adobe Joins Linux Foundation

See Peter Sayer’s write up on Adobe’s new LF membership

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