InternetNews Takes a Look at New LF Report: Who is Writing Linux?

Sean Michael Kerner surfaces some of the statistics here.

ZDNet Reports on Newest LF Open Voice Podcast: Ron Hovsepian

Check out Dana Blankenhorn’s report on Novell’s podcast interview with Zemlin Adobe Joins Linux Foundation

See Peter Sayer’s write up on Adobe’s new LF membership

The Register Reports on Adobe Joining the LF

Kelly Fiveash says Adobe is cuddling up to community Adobe Releases AIR for Linux, Sees Better Linux Apps

Mike Calore reports on Adobe’s decision to join the Linux Foundation and its AIR announcement

LinuxDevices: LF summit features mobile and CGL sessions

LinuxDevices covers the speaker lineup and agenda for the LF Collaboration Summit April 8-10.

LinuxDevices: TI joins Linux industry group

Henry Kingman reports on Texas Instruments joining the LF, focusing on TI’s commitment to Linux on mobile devices.

ZDNet: Texas Instruments joins Linux Foundation for mobile Linux

Dana Blankenhorn reports on the new addition of Texas Instruments to the LF as well as the announcement of the new board members.

“Texas Instruments has become an official member of the Linux Foundation, with mobility expert Eric Thomas joining the group’s board. Thomas was elected to the board yesterday alongside Larry Augustin and AMD’s Chris Schlaeger, while Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu was re-elected. At TI, Thomas’ title is Open Source Strategic Marketing Manager.”

CMP: Linux Foundation: Microsoft’s OOXML Argument ‘Ridiculous’

Nathan Eddy reports on the OOXML vote with focus on the Linux Foundation’s viewpoint on what this translates to.

“Executive Director of The Linux Foundation Jim Zemlin blasted Microsoft’s attempt to create a second certified international standard document format for Office Open XML (OOXML), calling Microsoft’s argument for two standards “ridiculous” and “disingenuous.”

CNET: Learning from Mark Shuttleworth: Connecting communities

Matt Asay blogs on the Shuttleworth podcast released by the LF this week.

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