Tectonic: Linux will be mobile OS of choice - Shuttleworth

Alastair Otter reports on the 3rd Open Voices podcast released by the Linux Foundation this week.

CIO: Microsoft’s Interoperability Efforts Face Skepticism

Todd Weiss covers Microsoft’s announcement to pursue interoperability, including commentary by Jim.

SeattlePI: Microsoft pledge has limits

Todd Bishop reports on the limits of Microsoft’s pledge for openness, citing commentary from Jim.

eWeek: Does Microsoft really want to be open source’s friend?

Steven Vaughan-Nichols blogs about the Microsoft interoperability announcement made last week, quoting Jim.

ZDNet: For Shuttleworth it all comes down to trust

Dana Blankenhorn reports on the third podcast released by the Linux Foundation today featuring Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu Linux.

“In his Open Voices interview with Jim Zemlin of The Linux Foundation, which went online today, Ubuntu CEO Mark Shuttleworth focuses on trust and process as key concepts underlying Linux and open source. Trust relationships, and the management of trust, are what separate successful projects from the unsuccessful ones, he says.”

CMP: Open Source Community Wary of Microsoft’s Pledge

Nathan Eddy covers the open source communities reaction to Microsoft’s claims of openness.

IDG: Some open sourcers keeping open mind about Microsoft pledges

Chris Kanaracus reports on the open source world’s reaction to Microsoft’s claim to be more open.

The New York Times: Microsoft to Share More Technical Secrets

Steve Lohr covers the Microsoft announcement to open up its technical details.

“The industry is taking a wait-and-see stance on Microsoft’s plan. Linux, an open-source competitor to Windows, stands to benefit from Microsoft’s more open posture. Regulators and competition are ‘forcing Microsoft to change the way it does business,’ said Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, a nonprofit consortium.”

LA Times: Microsoft to open up technical data

Joseph Menn reports on Microsoft’s announcement to open up and the EC’s reactions, including commentary by Jim.

eWeek: Rivals Skeptical of Microsoft`s Move to Greater `Openness`

Peter Galli reports on the open source world’s skepticism over Microsoft’s latest claims to openness.

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