InfoWorld: A look into the crystal ball for 2008 shows greater Linux adoption

Nancy Weil gives her predictions for the upcoming year, including Jim’s insight and calling 2008 “A Linux Year”.

LinuxInsider: Who Needs Linux Support?

Jack Germain reports on various types of support for Linux, including comments by Dan Kohn.

ZDNet: Ts’o what’s new at the Linux Foundation?

Dana Blankenhorn reports on Ted Ts’o’s new appointment at the LF.

ZDNet: This time for sure on mobile Linux

Dana Blankenhorn reports on Jim’s 2008 predictions and his view that next year will be

InfoWorld: Linux Foundation adds IBM official

Paul Krill reports on Ted Ts’o’s appointment to the LF.

eWeek: Top Linux Developer Joins Linux Foundation

Carol Pinchefsky reports on Ted’s new appointment to work with the LF for a year on the LSB.

Linux Magazine: Ted Ts’o Interview

Joe Brockmeier records a podcast interview with Ted Ts’o.

Computerworld: Open-source guru Ted Ts’o named to Linux Foundation posts

Todd Weiss covers the news of Ted Ts’o being named the new chief platform strategist for The LF. Linux Foundation appoints new Fellow

Iain Thomson reports of the LF appointing a new fellowship to Ted Ts’o for his contributions to the open source community.

The Financial Times: On a mission to silence the doubters

Alan Cane profiles Jim Zemlin and outlines the growth and success of Linux as well as the Linux Foundation after its first year.

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