LinuxDevices: CGL group rev’s leadership, charter, policies

Coverage on the addition of Dan Cauchy, currently MontaVista’s director of marketing for carrier and mobile products, to the LF’s Carrier Grade Linux working group.

eWeek: Linux Community Questions x86 Server Numbers

Peter Galli reports on the Linux communities reaction to the research which suggested Linux is losing market share to Windows, citing reasons by Amanda McPherson on why this research may be misleading.

Linux Journal: Linux Survey Needs Help

Justin Ryan motivates readers to take the Linux Desktop Survey.

IT Business Edge: EU-Microsoft Settlement Brings Shoulder Shrugs — But Wait

Kachina Dunn reports on the response the open source community has had towards the EU-Microsoft settlement, including Dan Kohn’s view that this will benefit projects like Samba.

DesktopLinux: Where are the American Linux desktop users?

Steven Vaughan-Nichols discusses some early findings from the Linux Desktop survey.

Sci-Tech Today: Microsoft To Abide by EU Antitrust Rules

Mark Long covers Amanda’s statement on the news that Microsoft will not appeal the EU’s ruling.

CNNMoney: Microsoft Bows To EU Ruling, Long-Brewing Industry Trends

Report on Microsoft’s decision that they will not further appeal the EU’s ruling, including a statement by Andy Updegrove.

NYT: Microsoft Is Yielding in European Antitrust Fight

Steve Lohr reports on Microsoft’s statement that it would not challenge the EU’s decision and includes commentary by Dan Kohn.

MSNBC: EU Decision Sees Narrower Window for Microsoft

Richard Waters covers the fall out from the EU ruling and Microsoft’s claim that they have made efforts to open up their Windows desktop software, including commentary by Dan Kohn that Microsoft is simply working to delay interoperability with rival software as long as possible.

TechWorld: Linus Torvalds in the hot seat

Peter Moon interviews Linus, highlights include Linus’ view on Microsoft and the adoption of Linux in the private sector.

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