InternetNews: LSB 3.2 Brings Standardization Closer

Sean Michael Kerner reports on the release of LSB 3.2.

“The future of LSB is all about the continuing evolution of the libraries it includes as well as the tests that help to ensure compliance with the standard. McPherson noted that The Linux Foundation is making a multimillion dollar investment in tools and test cases with the Russian Academy of Sciences. ‘This will result in better quality up and down the Linux platform,’ McPherson said.”

InfoWorld: Yes, Sun should compete against Linux

Savio Rodrigues discusses Amanda’s posting on Sun and Linux.

IT Business Edge: LF Corrects Schwartz on ‘LAMP’ Interpretation

Lora Bentley covers Amanda’s response to Schwartz’s comments on LAMP.

“If you haven’t seen it yet, Linux Foundation’s marketing director, Amanda McPherson, took Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz to task over the weekend. First, she thinks the company’s strategy to target Web 2.0 developers is simply “too little, too late.” Second, she indicates that Schwartz is out of line to suggest that Sun isn’t bound by the “L” in LAMP and would, in fact, substitute Solaris for Linux in the stack.”

CNET: LF Rains on SCO Parade

Asay posts today about Jim Zemlin’s look behind the headlines to the real story behind SCO’s $100M.

TechWorld: Vista weakness could feed Linux growth

Matthew Broersma reports on the second half of the Torvalds podcast released by the LF recently.

Linux Journal: Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit - Austin, Texas - April 8th to 10th, 2008

Jon Hall reports on the LF’s Collaboration Summit to be held in Austin in April.

ZDNet: “First among equals” undermines community, says Linus

Ed Burnette reports on the second half of the Torvald’s podcast release by the LF.

“In an interview at the Linux Foundation, Linus Torvalds warned of commercial control of open source. Using Java and OpenSolaris as an example he pointed out that ‘Sun ends up having rights that nobody else has – even if they then act perfectly and they really behave well, just the fact that they have special rights makes people legitimately feel like they are second class citizens.’”

ZDNet: Torvalds: patents “have no real value”

Russell Shaw reports on the patent issues discussed in the second part of the LF’s podcast with Torvalds.

“Wow, Linus Torvalds of Linux fame was really dishing and dealing during a podcast interview released today by the Linux Foundation. Linus said in part about Microsoft: “But they’re perfectly happy to use anything at all as fear, uncertainty and doubt in the marketplace and patents is just one thing where they say, “Hey, isn’t this convenient? We can use this as a PR force.””

InformationWeek: Torvalds Offers Linux Community Advice On Microsoft’s Threats

Charlie Babcock covers the Torvalds podcast that was released this week.

Wired News: Linus Torvalds on Linux

Scott Gilbertson covers the second installation of the Torvald’s podcast released by the LF this week.

“The Linux Foundation has posted the second half of its long and thorough interview with Linux founder Linus Torvalds, part of the Foundation’s “open voices” podcast. While the first part of the interview focused on the Linux development community, this time Torvalds sounds off on everything from patents and innovation to the future of Linux.”

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