Ars Technica: LF establishes partnership with Japanese government

Ryan Paul covers the LF - IPA partnership among other LF highlights.

NY Times: The Next Leap for Linux

Larry Magid reports on the compelling reasons to choose Linux for your desktop, with comments from Jim and Linus.

Ars Technica: Kernel dev Greg Kroah-Hartman goes full-time with Linux Driver Project

Ryan Paul covers Greg Kroah-Hartman’s move to work full time on the Linux Driver Project created in collaboration with the LF.

InternetNews: Driving Linux

Sean Michael Kerner discusses the Linux Driver Project including comment by Amanda McPherson.

InformationWeek: KVM May Be A Game Changer For Server And Desktop Virtualization

Charlie Babcock reports on the Kernel Virtual Machine, including commentary by Jonathan Corbet and Andrew Morton on the integration of KVM into the Linux kernel.

TechNewsWorld: MontaVista Targets Security, Mobility With Linux Releases

Nancy Cohen discusses the release of MontaVista’s new software, including comments from Amanda McPherson on what this means for Linux on mobile.

Linux Journal: Looking for Algae–the Next Voyage

Jon maddog Hall blogs about green Linux and discusses the LF’s new initiative to work on power management.

ComputerWeekly: Microsoft Ruling to Boost User Choice

Cliff Saran reports on the European Court’s ruling against Microsoft and how it could give IT departments greater choice in the tools they use to manage Windows. He includes comments by Amanda McPherson on how customers refusal to accept increased costs by Microsoft could results in open interoperability.

TechNewsWorld: Powers Up Linux Energy Conservation Program

Chris Maxcer discusses Intel’s program including commentary by Dan Kohn.

Daily Herald: SCO Faces Nasdaq Delisting

Grace Leong follows the SCO case, including comments by Dan Kohn.

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