Linux Magazine: Ted Ts’o Interview

Joe Brockmeier records a podcast interview with Ted Ts’o.

Computerworld: Open-source guru Ted Ts’o named to Linux Foundation posts

Todd Weiss covers the news of Ted Ts’o being named the new chief platform strategist for The LF. Linux Foundation appoints new Fellow

Iain Thomson reports of the LF appointing a new fellowship to Ted Ts’o for his contributions to the open source community.

The Financial Times: On a mission to silence the doubters

Alan Cane profiles Jim Zemlin and outlines the growth and success of Linux as well as the Linux Foundation after its first year.

ZDNet: Surveys show Vista struggling one year on

Peter Judge reports on the Linux Desktop Survey preliminary results, focusing on the finding that while the adoption of Vista is slowing, Linux is continuing to gain speed.

TechSpot: Linux Foundation: Desktop Linux on the rise

Jose Vilches covers the preliminary results of the Linux Desktop Survey.

The Register: Linux Desktops Grow and Grow and Grow

John Oates covers the preliminary results of the LF’s Linux Desktop Survey reporting on the major stats that have come out of the survey so far.

The Inquirer: Linux is a desktop creature

Nick Farrell reports on the preliminary results of the Linux Desktop survey stating that the desktop is an area where Linux is stealing ground from Microsoft.

PC Magazine: Desktop Linux on the Rise

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols reports on the results from the Linux Desktop survey which shows that Linux is becoming a credible threat to Windows on the desktop.

The Nation: Linux faces up to Microsoft

Pongpen Sutharoj covers the two-headed race between Linux and Microsoft and reports on how Linux is gaining headway.

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