IT Jungle: The LF Sponsors Legal Summits

Timothy Prickett Morgan reports on the two upcoming LF Legal Summits.

eWeek: Microsoft’s Friends, Foes Weigh in on EU Court Ruling

Peter Galli covers both sides of the EU ruling - including the LF and Red Hat viewpoints.

TechNewsWorld: SCO Lawsuits: ‘Misguided From the Start’

Nancy Cohen reports on the LF’s view of the SCO lawsuit, including commentary by Amanda McPherson.

eWeek: Microsoft Rivals Applaud European Court Ruling

Darryl Taft covers the view of Microsoft’s competitors on the EU ruling today, including commentary by Amanda McPherson for the LF.

ZDNet: Microsoft ‘not ruling out’ Further Antitrust Appeal

Colin Barker covers the EU’s decision to dismiss Microsoft’s appeal including commentary by Jim.

Tech Republic: SCO Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Paul Mah reports on the SCO announcement, including commentary by Jim.

Daily Herald: SCO Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Grace Leong reports on the SCO outcome with comments by Jim and Dan.

Network World: SCO’s Chapter 11 Filing Postpones Novell Trial

Robert Mullins reports on SCO filing Chapter 11 and the outcome, with comments by Jim.

InfoWorld: SCO Seeks Bankruptcy Protection

Robert McMillan reports on the SCO bankruptcy and includes Jim’s opinion on the outcome.

CNET: SCO Group Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Stephen Shankland reports on SCO’s decision to file for Chapter 11, including commentary by Jim.

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