LinuxInsider: Nokia Siemens Networks Rings Up Carrier-Grade Linux Initiatives

Jack M. Germain reports on Nokia Siemens Networks partnership with the LF.

ComputerWorld: Zemlin Says Novell/SCO Ruling Good for Users

Zemlin talks to ComputerWorld about Friday’s late-breaking news that Novell has won the Unix copyrights

NY Times: Zemlin Gives Perspective on Novell/SCO Decision

Check out Jim’s comments on the final ruling that Novell owns the Unix copyrights

NewsFactor: Can Linux Overtake Windows in OS War?

Jennifer LeClaire reports on the battle for computing platform supremacy.

ConsortiumInfo: Legal Experts Join LF

Andy Updegrove , one of the LF’s new legal advisers, discusses his new role.

Computer Business Review: IBM Linux Initiative Greens Data Centers

Madan Sheina discusses the launch of the ‘Big Green Linux’ initiative. LF Calls for ‘Respect for Microsoft’

Tom Sanders discusses Jim’s view of a duopoly between Linux and Microsoft in the market for operating systems.

InfoWorld: Linux Vying With Windows For Platform Dominance

Paul Krill reports on Jim’s keynote at LWE SF where Jim discussed the second stage of growth for Linux.

IT Week: Novell Calls for Further Standardization

Sanders reports on Ron Hovspian’s keynote at LinuxWorld where the Novell CEO detailed the need for standards and certification for Linux

InternetNews: LF and IBM Talk Green Linux

Sean Michael Kerner reports on IBM’s Big Green Linux Initiative.

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