Tectonic: Linux Weather Forecast to Track Projects

Comments by Jim about the Linux Weather Forecast as well as an overview of the announcement.

IDG: Welcome to the Linux Weather Forecast

China Martens gives an overview on the new Linux Weather Forecast.

eWeek: Linux Foundation Adds Legal Eagles

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols discusses the LF’s addition of a legal team.

Daily Herald: SCO Stock Nosedives After Court Ruling

Grace Leong covers Jim’s view on the future of the SCO ruling.

Money Times: Novell is the Owner of Unix Copyrights

Daisy Sarma discusses Jim’s view that the SCO ruling will end the fear in the market around this issue.

IBD: Legal Ruling Removes Open-Source Cloud

InformationWeek: Novell Sold Code To SCO, Retained Copyright; Game Over?

Charles Babcock discusses the SCO ruling and reports on Jim’s remarks.

ZDNet: SCO does not own Linux copyright

Stephen Turner reports on the US federal courts ruling that Novell is the rightful owner of UNIX copyrights.

LinuxPlanet: More Than HPLIP Service for Linux

Carla Schroder discusses the LF’s Open Printing.

LinuxInsider: Nokia Siemens Networks Rings Up Carrier-Grade Linux Initiatives

Jack M. Germain reports on Nokia Siemens Networks partnership with the LF.

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