InformationWeek’s Babcock Blogs About Suing Customers

Babcock has a great blog about the ongoing acceptance of open source from customers and quotes LF legal eagles Updegrove and Copenhaver about the chances of customers being sued

BusinessWeek Speculates on MySQL IPO, Zemlin Comments

See Jim Zemlin’s comments on the potential value of open source companies, along with many other takes from across the industry

Alan Zeichick Blogs About Second Phase of Linux Growth

Zeichick details his thoughts based on Zemlin’s address at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit earlier this month

LinuxInsider Talks to McPherson About Summit, Drivers

Jack Germain’s interview with LF’s Amanda McPherson results in this article about the Summit and driver work, in particular

Red Herring: Linux Leaders Unfazed by Microsoft

Cubarubbia interviews LF’s Zemlin, Red Hat’s Evans and 451 Group’s Zachary and finds the Linux beat goes on

eWeek: Linux Foundation Charts Linux’s Future

Vaughan-Nichols details the technical output from the LF Summit on Green Linux

Tom Sanders reports on the Green Linux initiative to address power consumption

ZDNet UK: LF Tackles Power Concerns

ZDNet UK reports on the continuing discussions on power management to take place in Ottawa next week and the “Green Linux” initiative

InfoWorld: Linux Going Green

Krill summarizes the LF Collaboration Summit

NetworkWorld Captures Legal Perspectives from LF Summit

John Fontana’s article gives a realistic look at how the OSS and Linux communities see patent and license issues

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