SeattlePI: Microsoft touts own economic impact

Todd Bishop reports on Microsoft’s claim that it is responsible for generating a substantial amount of economic development and employment across the world, but focuses on Jim’s view that it is important to not overlook the economic benefits of open-source programs.

DesktopLinux: Linux Foundation to begin third annual desktop Linux survey

Steven Vaughan-Nichols covers the LF’s announcement of the desktop Linux survey being conducted October 17th through November 30th, 2007.

The Oregonian: Open source all about free and freedom

Mike Rogoway’s Q&A with Jim Zemlin leading up to GOSCON.

Wired: FOSS Crowd Unfazed by First Linux Patent Lawsuit

Michael Calore covers the Linux patent lawsuit focusing on the LF’s confidence that this case will result in a just outcome for Linux.

eWeek: Red Hat: Customers Can Deploy Linux with Confidence

Peter Galli covers Ballmer’s accusation that Linux is violating Microsoft patents, focusing on Jim’s view that this is just another FUD campaign aimed at slowing the threat open source and Linux represent to Microsoft’s business.

BusinessWeek: That’s One Way To Reinvent A Company

Peter Burrows reports on Jonathan Schwartz’s determination to return Sun to its glory days through OpenSolaris, but concludes with speculation that its all too little, too late and includes Jim’s view on the matter.

Ars Technica: LF establishes partnership with Japanese government

Ryan Paul covers the LF - IPA partnership among other LF highlights.

NY Times: The Next Leap for Linux

Larry Magid reports on the compelling reasons to choose Linux for your desktop, with comments from Jim and Linus.

Ars Technica: Kernel dev Greg Kroah-Hartman goes full-time with Linux Driver Project

Ryan Paul covers Greg Kroah-Hartman’s move to work full time on the Linux Driver Project created in collaboration with the LF.

InternetNews: Driving Linux

Sean Michael Kerner discusses the Linux Driver Project including comment by Amanda McPherson.

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