ComputerWeekly: Microsoft Ruling to Boost User Choice

Cliff Saran reports on the European Court’s ruling against Microsoft and how it could give IT departments greater choice in the tools they use to manage Windows. He includes comments by Amanda McPherson on how customers refusal to accept increased costs by Microsoft could results in open interoperability.

TechNewsWorld: Powers Up Linux Energy Conservation Program

Chris Maxcer discusses Intel’s program including commentary by Dan Kohn.

Daily Herald: SCO Faces Nasdaq Delisting

Grace Leong follows the SCO case, including comments by Dan Kohn.

IT Jungle: The LF Sponsors Legal Summits

Timothy Prickett Morgan reports on the two upcoming LF Legal Summits.

eWeek: Microsoft’s Friends, Foes Weigh in on EU Court Ruling

Peter Galli covers both sides of the EU ruling - including the LF and Red Hat viewpoints.

TechNewsWorld: SCO Lawsuits: ‘Misguided From the Start’

Nancy Cohen reports on the LF’s view of the SCO lawsuit, including commentary by Amanda McPherson.

eWeek: Microsoft Rivals Applaud European Court Ruling

Darryl Taft covers the view of Microsoft’s competitors on the EU ruling today, including commentary by Amanda McPherson for the LF.

ZDNet: Microsoft ‘not ruling out’ Further Antitrust Appeal

Colin Barker covers the EU’s decision to dismiss Microsoft’s appeal including commentary by Jim.

Tech Republic: SCO Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Paul Mah reports on the SCO announcement, including commentary by Jim.

Daily Herald: SCO Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Grace Leong reports on the SCO outcome with comments by Jim and Dan.

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