InfoWorld Recaps Zemlin’s BusinessWeek Column

InfoWorld gives its take on Zemlin’s analysis of the motivations behind Microsoft’s patent cries

InformationWeek Reports on LF’s Patent Rebuttal

Babcock summarizes Zemlin’s comments in the BusinessWeek column

Zemlin’s BusinessWeek Column: It’s Not About Patents At All

BusinessWeek today features a column written by LF executive director Jim Zemlin. In the article, Zemlin says Microsoft’s battle cry isn’t about patents at all; it’s about a business decision to try to and protect a privileged position

Tech UK Gets Experts’ View on Patents

Jim Zemlin is included in a lineup of software industry experts to answer the question: Is Microsoft scared of the open source community?

Redmond Magazine Reports on OSS Community Calling MSFT Patent Bluff

Redmond Mag includes important questions from the LF’s Andy Updegrove in an article about how likely it is that Microsoft will sue

SearchEnterpriseLinux on Eating Microsoft’s Lunch

An interesting take on the role of the Linux Foundation and other industry consortia as they relate to Microsoft

InformationWeek’s Babcock Speculates on MSFT Scenarios

Check out Babcock’s fortune telling here. Pretty insighful.

LinuxWorld: Linux Device Driver Program Bears Fruit

Don Marti reports on the progress of these important efforts, including the LF’s NDA program

IT Business Edge Columnist Rob Enderle: None Take MSFT Claims Seriously

Well-known industry pundit Rob Enderle says Microsoft’s patent claims are doing more good for Linux than Microsoft

O’Reilly Features Article by LF’s Own Web Developer

LF’s Ryan Bagueros takes a closer look at distributed software development in a column he wrote for O’Reilly

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