ComputerWorld: IBM Piles on Microsoft’s Open Document Defeat

John Fontana reports on IBM’s decision to stand behind, including commentary by Andy.

BetaNews: IBM to Develop with Sun

Scott M. Fulton covers IBM’s decision to join Sun in the development of and includes comments by Andy Updegrove.

IT Business Edge: What’s Next For OOXML?

Lora Bentley interviews Jim Zemlin on the future for OOXML.

LinuxWorld: IBM Beats Microsoft Over the Head With its Own Code

John Fontana reports on IBM donating code to the LF that was originally derived in part from a Microsoft-developed technology.

Australian IT: Windows, Linux Vie For Energy Honors

Barbara Gengler reports on Linux being more energy efficient than Windows.

DesktopLinux: AMD Partners With Novell To Open Source ATI Graphic Drivers

Steven J. Vaughan Nichols discusses AMD’s move towards open source graphic processors support including comments by John Cherry.

Sci-Tech Today: Open XML’s Defeat No Small Setback

Mark Long reports on the outcome of the OOXML vote and what is to be expected in the future.

InformationWeek: Critics Skeptical That Microsoft Will Be Able To Alter Vote On OOXML

Charles Babcock discusses the outcome of the OOXML vote, predicting that Microsoft will have a hard time getting it approved now.

LinuxInsider: Linux Sees ‘Astronomic’ Growth in Mobile Devices

Nancy Cohen comments in the growth in mobile for Linux.

Ars Technica: ISO Votes Against Fast Tracking Microsoft’s Office Open XML

Eric Bangeman covers the results of the OOXML vote.

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