CIO Today: U.S. Backs Open XML as ISO Vote Nears

Richard Koman covers the nearing ISO vote.

DesktopLinux: Open XML Standard War Grows Heated

Steven J. Vaughan Nichols covers the OOXML debate as the vote gets closer.

BetaNews: LF: OOXML is Too Long to Be a Standard

Scott M. Fulton gives an overview of Amanda McPherson’s post on the OOXML.

The Inquirer: The LF recommends ISO vote No on OOXML

Egan Orion covers the LF’s recommendation to vote against the OOXML.

InformationWeek: Linux Foundation Urges ‘No’ Vote On Microsoft’s Open XML Format

Charles Babcock comments on the standards vote and offers the LF’s and Andrew Updegrove’s support against Microsoft’s Open XML Format.

Ars Technica: Linux Foundation: Just say “no” to OOXML

Ryan Paul discusses the LF’s fight to preserve the validity and integrity of the global standards process with excerpts from John Cherry’s blog entry posted today.

BetaNews: Evidence of Microsoft Influencing OOXML Votes in Nordic States

Scott M. Fulton gives an overview of the standards vote in the Nordic States with Andy Updegrove’s comments.

InfoWorld: Linux and Windows Duke it Out Over Energy Efficiency

Ted Samson discusses the energy efficient advantages of Linux and the areas Linux is making progress in advancing green technology.

InformationWeek: Linux Weather Forecast Includes SLUB And Pending Kernel Update

Charles Babcock gives an overview of the new Linux Weather Forecast with comments by Jonathan Corbet.

Application Development Trend: Judge’s Ruling Signals ‘Game Over’ for SCO

John K. Waters reports on the SCO Ruling and gives Jim’s point of view.

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