FSG Accessibility News in

Andy Updegrove offers commentary on the recent Free Standards Group and IBM Accessibility news.

Zemlin Open Source Conversation Podcast

In this recent edition of “Opening Move” podcast FSG Executive Director Jim Zemlin discusses the state of the Linux industry.

Sys-Con: FSG Addresses Linux Testing Challenges With New Integrated Framework

Sys-Con’s Linux News Desk picks up on FSG’s announcement of a new testing initiative.

LinuxPlanet interviews the FSG ED

LinuxPlanet writes up Oracle’s recent membership in the FSG and what it means to the industry.

Heise Online: Oracle joins the Free Standards Group

Heise Online writes “Just to show that is serious about its Open Source operating system, Oracle has now joined the Free Standards Group (FSG) as a premium member.”

Sydney Morning Herald: Oracle’s Linux play hits Red Hat

This article from SMH (Sydney Morning Herald) includes news regarding “Oracle’s decision to embrace Linux.”

SDA India: Oracle Becomes a Platinum Member of Free Standards Group

SDA India reports on FSG’s newest member.

IrishDev: Oracle Joins the Free Standards Group As A Platinum Member

IrishDev picks up on FSG’s and Oracle’s joint announcement.

OSDir on Oracle joining the FSG

OSDIR covers the Oracle news.

LinuxWorld: A formalized Linux Standards Based development community emerges

Read more about the LSB Developer Network in this issue of the LinuxWorld Newsletter.

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