downloadsquad: Open-source MSDN-like site launch

downloadsquad asks and aswers, “Any Linux developers out there ever wish you had a version of the MSDN motherlode of programming knowledge (except for Linux and free) to help you out? This may be your ticket.”

ComputerWeekly: Developer website set up for Linux

ComputerWeekly reports that the Free Standards Group has set up the LSB Developers Network to rival Microsoft’s.

LinuxPlanet Interviews FSG Executives

LinuxPlanet covers the LSB Developer Network.

Computerworld: Open Source Version of MSDN Launched

Extensive article on the LSB Developer Network.

Newsforge covers the LSB Developer Network

Read the article here. Free Standards Group launches single-stop shop for ISVs with its LSB Developer Network

Read to find out more about the FSG’s answer to the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).

LinuxElectrons: Free Standards Group Launches LSB Developer Network

LinuxElectrons reports on the FSG’s partnership with O’Reilly in creating a central, community-based source of information for software developers writing portable Linux applications.

ZDNet UK: Mandriva releases LSB-compliant enterprise server

ZDNet UK reports that Mandriva’s Corporate Server 4.0 is “fully compliant with the Linux Standard Base, meaning it’s interoperable with other LSB-compliant operating systems.”

ZDNet: Gartner Praises the LSB

ZDNET recently published an interview with Gartner VP Dion Wiggins where he praised the LSB.

Digital Silence: MySQL, RealPlayer Certify to Linux Standard Base

Digital Silence picks up on the announcement of two Linux applications certifying to the LSB.

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