InfoWorld: LF Adds Ace Open-Source Attorneys

Elizabeth Montalbano reports on the creation of the LF’s legal team.

CNNMoney: “Big Green Linux”

Zemlin’s comments on IBM’s initiative and the LF’s efforts to improve power management and other features that lead to better, greener Linux.

InfoWorld: Linux Kernal Maintainer Allays Fears About Forking

Paul Krill reports on Andrew Morton’s talk at LWE SF.

InfoWorld: Nokia Siemens Networks Joins Linux Foundation

Paul Krill reports on today’s news announcing LF’s latest member.

LinuxInsider Sits Down with Markus Rex

Markus talks about the LSB, Linux in big business, and what it’s like to be able to take the LF assignment

SD Times/Novell Blog: Why the LSB is Important for ISVs

Novell’s Darren Davis elaborates on his comments in SD Times with a blog post today on the importance of the LSB

eBizQ Interview Zemlin

Dennis Bryon talks to Jim about the LSB, SaaS and being a third-generation technology veteran. LF Names New CTO

Brockmeier interviewed Markus Rex about his position at the Linux Foundation

Technlogy News Examines How New Job Seekers Can Work in OSS/Linux Communities

An interview with the LF’s Amanda McPherson reveals talent and collaboration rank above all else are key in building a career and personal reputation within the community.

Wired News: Linux - It’s Not Just For Servers Anymore

LF’s Jim Zemlin weighs in from OSCON on the increasing opportunity for Linux on the desktop.

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